To Avatar Course

by Harry Palmer

Jar-Pumpkin_smlThere is an old story about a jug maker who finds a pumpkin vine with a pumpkin that has just started to develop. Just for the fun of it, he slips the pumpkin inside one of his jugs and leaves it. When harvest time comes, the pumpkin has grown only as large as the jug. The sides of the jug have limited the potential of, as well as shaped, the pumpkin.

Most people have some judgments about who they are or what they can do or what they can become. These beliefs form a limiting self-image, a jug! The beliefs may be transparent and hard to see, or they may be as solid as a rock and insisted upon, or they may be as incomprehensible as infinite space; no matter, they limit the potential of the person.

The power of the Avatar materials is that they enable you to break your own jug and to release your own potential! How big, how powerful, how successful can you become? Trust me when I tell you, the answer may take some getting used to.


If I say that consciousness is the relationship between the jug and its contents (i.e., the mind) and/or the jug and its environment (i.e., physical reality), will you understand the dual nature of consciousness? Consciousness requires a jug and some sense of separation or distance between "what is" and "what perceives." Creating an exact copy in the jug of the thing that is perceived outside of the jug produces in consciousness the phenomenon called understanding.

Jar-PumpkinBut break the jug and "what is" and what perceives" are the same! An Avatar is no longer dealing with the familiar operations (or limitations) of consciousness. No longer is there a jug to contain a copy for him to understand, but he feels.

On the Avatar course, just for the purpose of keeping things somewhat straight, we will call the "with jug" state, consciousness and the "without jug" state, awareness or awakened. The potential of this awakened state, though still only partially explored, appears to be unlimited.

This awareness is not a quantity that can be measured--when it is measured it becomes "physical" (physical universe). This awareness is not a quality that can be described--when it is described it becomes "mental" (thought). Quantity and quality (physical and mental) are two types of ideas (interior and exterior of the jug) that this awareness creates. This awareness is not an energy, but energy is a type of idea (change) that this awareness creates between other ideas. This awareness is neither present nor absent, but presence and absence are relative ideas that this awareness creates. This awareness is neither " all one" nor "many," but connection and separation are ideas that this awareness creates. This awareness is not "you," not "me," not "God," but is the source of these ideas. This awareness is not something, is not nothing; it neither exists nor is non-existent, but determines these factors. From this awareness all things arise, including these very ideas.

These are secrets worth knowing, because they are your secrets, and abilities worth having, because they are your abilities. Come on, break your jug!


When this awareness realizes itself as only awareness and recovers the choice of its own expression or no expression, the choice of its own limits or no limits, amazing things are possible. Jugs are broken!

The secrets you find with the Avatar materials allow you to experience this awareness and to act to reshape definition, direction and ability in your own personal life...and then beyond that, to perhaps reshape the future direction and expression for all life. These are secrets worth knowing, because they are your secrets, and abilities worth having, because they are your abilities. Come on, break your jug!




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