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by Harry Palmer

HP-3Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials 

How long ago did your interest in higher awareness begin? Your answer will reveal how much spiritual hocus-pocus you have had to sort through to arrive at Avatar. The ‘70s were rife with well-meaning but totally bizarre spiritual hocus-pocus. Many people in their search for enlightenment submitted themselves to “spiritual teachers” who sought credibility for their own mental obsessions with outrageous attention seeking behaviors. In some circles this fruitcake behavior was mistaken as the path to enlightenment.

Some spiritual paths were toxically self-destructive; others were disruptive of family. Some spiritual paths were really just someone’s private financial enterprise. And some spiritual paths were simply a thorough indoctrination into a generations-old belief system—very ego gratifying in terms of agreement and group status, but personally disempowering. All of these spiritual paths were dead ends. Hope and pretense substituted for real enlightenment. In the end, disappointment and betrayal.

The result was that the search for spiritual enlightenment began to be included in the same kooky-type categories as UFO abductions, global conspiracies, and spirit channellings. The clear message was: maybe possible, but unlikely. Skepticism ruled the day. The popularity rating for spiritual seekers plummeted. The sale of business suits soared. The final insult was the suggestion that spiritual enlightenment might actually be a psychological condition caused by a hormonal imbalance.

In a nutshell, that pretty much describes the social scene of the late ‘80s. There were still some spiritual overtones in the human potential movement, but most mainstream facilitators tried to minimize them with psychological terminology. The idea of adjusting and settling down was more in vogue than the idea of enlightenment.


Enlightenment path


But behind the paycheck scene, some of you were still on the trail of spiritual enlightenment, always looking for a key to that door that leads to the intoxicating experience of awareness beyond consciousness— that aware-no-space that finally and irrefutably answers the question, “Who am I?” Finding that key was the genesis of Avatar. The details are in the book Living Deliberately: The Discovery and Development of Avatar.

So how does Avatar work? Avatar is a set of tools that allows people, in a very short time, to identify and change their subconscious conclusions, decisions, and agreements—those things that are shaping their lives. You could say that it is a mental editing technique. There are lots of ways these tools have been described, but most important is that they work. They work extremely well. People are amazed at how really efficient Avatar is. When people find a tool that works, they use it.

After the initial amazement, Avatar students settle down and systematically begin to change the attitudes, self-imposed limitations, and hostilities that are souring their experience of life.

First, they remove the obstructions to their most cherished desires. And then they create the opportunity and personal motivation to achieve their dreams. In some cases, they restructure not only their own consciousness, but literally reshape physical reality.

Before Avatar can work, people have to hear about it and try it. So it is prior Avatar graduates’ successes, spread largely by word of mouth, that perpetuate Avatar’s expansion. For anyone who feels blocked from achieving or experiencing or creating their dream and hears these stories, learning how to use the Avatar tools is a rational decision. Very wise. Practical. No mumbo-jumbo about salvation. It really doesn’t matter whether the person has an urge toward enlightenment or not, because there is a very practical reason for learning to use the Avatar tools—success. Everybody wants to succeed at something. Avatar shows a person how to succeed.

You could just stop reading now and do Avatar, but there is still more to this story. There is something more subtle that is happening to the Avatar graduate—transformation. For some it happens in a matter of days; for others it takes considerably longer, years.

The transformation begins in one of two ways. The first way could be described as satiation. Satiation means to fully satisfy a desire.


When one observes human consciousness from an enlightened viewpoint, the possibilities appear.


When someone is deliberately able to have, experience, or create the object of their desire, the result is not obsession or addiction; the result is satiation. That is a concept that is fully understood only by the successful. How many chocolate-covered cherries can you eat? How long can you feel the best you’ve ever felt? How much money is enough? How much success is enough? The joke answer is “a little more.” But there really is a point of satiation. (The bad news is: without Avatar your chances of reaching this point are slim.)

The second way the transformation begins is that Avatar graduates become so skilled at using the tools that they begin to discover the conclusions, decisions, and agreements that are creating their desires. The insider’s insight is that with Avatar you can create or discreate anything you want, including the want.

There begins a transformation that turns the achiever, the seeker, the dominator, the supporter into an enlightened explorer.

This is the point where Avatar graduates begin to access their consciousness at the deep level of transpersonal values. Who they were being turns out to be just another mental construction of conclusions, decisions and agreements. An ever broadening vista of life opens. When one observes human consciousness from an enlightened viewpoint, the possibilities appear. Values change. Appreciation replaces judgment. The joy of helping replaces competition. Compassion replaces antagonism. Learning and evolving replace intolerance.

Ultimately you ask yourself the key questions, the questions that every being in the process of spiritual awakening asks, “What am I doing here? What is this really about? Why am I participating in this creation of life?”

And the Avatar knows the answer—knows it as a faint intuitive impulse that does not arise from some forgotten social indoctrination or identity ego-hunger (faint because the intuition does not intrude on your free will, but waits for a moment of willing surrender). The Avatar feels it and is sustained by its amazing grace—to contribute to the creation of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization®.



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