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by Harry Palmer


HP-3Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials

Personal alignment means to be in agreement with and to work toward some goal.

When people are uncertain of their direction or goals, they tend to act in a misaligned fashion. They wander around, one step forward, one step backward, and generally get in their own way. In order to accomplish anything, they need continuous outside direction: Here, do this. Go this way.

Personal misalignment comes from having uncertain or conflicting goals.

Most people have learned that it’s important to set goals, but few recognize that there are right and wrong goals, as well as proper and improper ways to set goals.

Some people have multiple goals that are misaligned or in contradiction with each other. They want to go to the movie, but they don’t want to go by themselves. They want to have relationships and families, but they don’t want to sacrifice anything. They want to earn money, but they don’t want to work. They want to lose weight, but they don’t want to give up eating high calorie foods. They want to go to school, but they don’t want to study. People who are misaligned create confusion in their lives. The confusion becomes so overwhelming that they end up doing nothing. The result of misalignment is limited achievement, limited success, poor health, and unhappiness.


LivDel goals
What goals make your life worth living?


As a step toward living deliberately, you should decide on your life goals. Granted, these may change as you progress up the line, but the experience gained from setting and pursuing the goal is the real prize.

Picking a goal is not an arbitrary thing. It is not done by the flip of a coin or by an opportunistic turn of events. It is not done to please another person.

Setting a Right-For-You Goal (RFY goal) is done by using your best reasoning liberally seasoned with your intuition. It is reasonable, because you sincerely feel you can achieve it. It is intuitive, because it feels right. An RFY goal excites you when you think about it. It empowers you. It brings you to life. It sizzles! It provides you with the creative energy for its own attainment plus a little extra.

Just imagining what it would feel like to achieve the RFY goal will tap into the courage and determination to accomplish it.

If you wonder if your chosen goals are RFY goals, notice how you feel when you pursue them. Activity spent in the pursuit of an RFY goal is enjoyable and absorbing. Time is forgotten. Work is pleasurable. The pursuit of an RFY goal is its own reward.

A non-RFY goal is something you have to do while waiting to get to what you want to do. You become exhausted and time drags. Work is grueling. The payoff for pursuing a non-RFY goal is stress.


Feeling a little stressed? Want to find your RFY goals? We encourage you to spend some time with the Goal Setting exercise from ReSurfacing®.





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