by Harry Palmer


Perspective spoke with Harry Palmer about the nature of beliefs and The Avatar® Course. Perspective is an electronic publication available in the publication archives at


HP-2Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials

Perspective: I suspect the question you are asked most often is: What is Avatar? So, what is Avatar?

Harry: Avatar is about every reality that is, was, or will be. I know that's not very descriptive, but it is the truest statement I can make. Avatar deals with creation, which I define as anything that has definition or limits in space, time, or awareness. That covers the universe and everything in it.

Since most people are not really ready to engage Avatar at such an all-encompassing level, I usually talk about beliefs. People have an instinctive recognition that what they believe has a consequence in their lives. The principle dilemma of existence is what to believe. That's the philosophic abyss that confronts everyone. That's the abyss called, "I don't know." It's dangerous not to know. At the edge of this abyss are the shops of the belief peddlers. Some shops are lavish and hallowed with histories. Some are Volkswagen buses driven by cult recruiters. Everybody is selling a belief program and a one-way ticket to the land of truth on the other side of the I-don't-know abyss. There are thousands of rickety belief bridges across the abyss, and each one leads to a slightly different experience.

What is different about Avatar is that the belief program is blank, the bridge is rock solid, and the ticket is round trip!