To Avatar Course

Section I: ReSurfacing®

SectionI.pngAspects of consciousness addressed:
Beliefs, Reality, Consciousness

Section I of The Avatar Course sets forth certain ideas about the relationship between beliefs and reality. These ideas are subjected to various tests and examinations (in group discussions and in private explorations) to allow you to determine for yourself if such relationships do, in fact, exist. Section I exercises take you behind the scenes of consciousness for a look at the blueprints by which you build your life. The journey results in an intimate connection with a deeper, more compassionate and aware state of self. Section I is offered in an affordable 2-day workshop that contains information, demonstrations, and experiential exercises to awaken you to the unlimited possibilities of living deliberately.


Section II: The Exercises

SectionII.pngAspects of consciousness addressed:
Creation, Perception, Experience

Section II of The Avatar Course develops your ability to create a reality that you prefer. Deeper access to your own mental programming results in transformational realizations about why certain aspects of your life have fallen short and what you can do to correct them. You turn the part of self that was your worst enemy into a guiding friend. Self-sabotaging beliefs are exposed before they can do you more harm. Stress is replaced by a relaxed awareness. You learn how to experience reality without judgment, separation or distortion. Section II requires from 4 to 5 days to complete, depending upon what is encountered.


Section III: The Rundowns

SectionIII.pngAspects of consciousness addressed:
Identity, Beingness, Awareness

Section III of The Avatar Course develops your ability to discreate realities that act as hidden reefs and barriers to your operation as source. An Avatar Master takes you on a guided initiation that introduces you to, and allows you to discreate, some of the most fundamental (and previously transparent) belief structures of the universe. Next, you complete solo rundowns that permit you to address body sensations, interpersonal conflicts, dependencies, limitations, persistent conditions, compulsions and (without words or argument) the beliefs of others. When you are able to manage any aspect of your existence from a creator viewpoint, you have achieved the state of being called Avatar. Section III requires from 2 to 4 days to complete.



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