To Avatar Course

Finding My Way Back Home


Upon returning home from my Avatar Course in October, I invited my son and his wife to dinner. Id had unresolved issues with my son that neither of us were willing to resolve. Unfortunately, as the years went by this unwillingness by both of us was slowing, but surely, killing me.

At dinner, to the amazement of all, I was able to talk, laugh and enjoy this time with him without any judgement and without all the "crap" that always seemed be sitting just outside the conversation. All the "junk-stuff" that had been there for so many years was...unbelievably gone. It was, to say the least, a very life changing magically gifted moment felt by all.

Hope for the World

Dear Harry,

As part of the Earth Compassion Team Project in Israel/Palestine, 255 packages, 50 each, of Compassion Cards in Hebrew and

Some Lessons In My Life

Dear Avra and Harry,

I'd like to share how grateful I am for having the Avatar tools in my life. This week is my last week

Humbled by the Divinity

Dear Harry,

I ,once again, am so humbled by the divinity of these precious Avatar tools. I just attended the Masters ReSurfacing this weekend and this was

My Indoctrination's and Fears

Hi Harry,

The Avatar Course has taught me to recognize my indoctrination's, gave me tools to deal with my fears and exercises to get a quiet mind.

This High Vibration

Hi Harry,

Wow! Thank you! I don't have words for the feel we created here this weekend at The Avatar Masters ReSurfacing weekend. I know I will

Expanded Smoothly As A Family

Dear Harry,

Thank you so much for your weekend gift to us at the Masters ReSurfacing Course.

My wife, my Daughter and myself came closer

Such A Different Perspective

Dear Harry,

Thank you so much for this beautiful Masters ReSurfacing gift! What a wonderful experience. Such a different perspective and lovely supportive connection with other

ReSurfacing is Evolving, Awakening, Discovering

Dear Harry,

I've been at the Denver Avatar Masters ReSurfacing Course this weekend. Wow!! The group discussions have blown my mind!!

This morning we did a

Basking in the Glow

Dear Harry,

I can't express in words how I feel about attending your gift of the Avatar Masters ReSurfacing Course. I love these people more than

Love and Connect with Others

Hi Harry,

I just completed the Pro course two days ago, and it seems that the course is continuing as things just keep integrating. My intention