To Avatar Course

by Harry Palmer

For anyone who is encountering the subject of Avatar for the first time, Avatar is a nine-day self-empowerment training delivered by an Avatar Master. The Avatar tools are a synergy of exercises, drills, and procedures that when properly understood and used increase your ability to live deliberately. They are remarkably effective and efficient tools for taking control of your life. If you need to identify and resolve a self-sabotaging belief or behavior, the Avatar tools can help. If you want to create a harmonious relationship, or achieve success, or just reach a pleasant state of joy and contentment, the Avatar tools can help you. They are also effective for  removing grief and stress from your life, restoring health, and achieving peace of mind.

Harry_ShakingHands.pngLiving deliberately means to operate as a creative source-at least within the confines of a certain domain of reality. A creative source acts deliberately out of its own inner determination; it is responsible.

There are many domains of reality, and each contains many levels of creative source. What you can create, control, or change through your own efforts and willpower determines the size of the reality domain in which you can operate as a creative source. Not all creative sources are equal.

The evidence that the Avatar tools are working for you is that certain things that you could not previously create, control, or change through your effort and willpower alone, you now can. In other words, within the reality domain that you are experiencing, you have moved to a higher level of creative source. You have acquired or recovered a greater ability to live deliberately.




"You move beyond your former limitations. The size of your reality domain increases, and along with it, your influence, your opportunities, and your confidence increase. Your power as a creative source increases."



This happens when some resisted experience, or inability, or behavior that was holding you back is removed or positively changed. You move beyond your former limitations. The size of your reality domain increases, and along with it, your influence, your opportunities, and your confidence increase. Your power as a creative source increases.

These are expected results of the Avatar training. Students who feel they have not achieved these results by the end of the second section of the three-section course are entitled to a full refund.


Practical Questions

Most of the people who sign up with a Master for the Avatar training have the immediate goal of improving their lives. Friendly intercourse and intellectual curiosity may be important factors in their decision, but the strongest factor is usually, "Will it work for me?"

You want to be happier. You might feel that there is something keeping you from happiness. The "something" may be specific in your mind, or more likely it is something vague and indiscernible, some stress or invisible pressure. These are often the things that you mistakenly believe that you must learn to live with. These barriers to true happiness are tucked away in your mind, carefully avoided, but their destructive effect on your life keeps showing up.

So the immediate question in many minds is, "Will it work for me?"

This is not always a question that an Avatar Master can answer. Showing someone how to use a tool, even when the presentation includes many hours of drilling and exercises, will not always turn out a successful or motivated craftsman. Verifying that the tools work for others is not really the answer to, "Will it work for me?"

The real answer to this question is a question in reply, "How honest with yourself are you willing to become?"

How vulnerable will you let yourself become? The reason this is asked is that the real causes of your unhappiness, whatever they may be, and the causes of your failures, whatever they may be, are buried beneath blankets of your own resistance. And while an Avatar Master can guide you, can create a safe, compassionate space, in the end it is your willingness to be vulnerable that dissolves the blankets of resistance. Then the true causes of your unhappiness are revealed, and you can put the Avatar tools to work for you.

As long as you are willing to go down the path that leads to greater honesty with yourself, the Avatar tools will work for you.



Mystical Questions

After you have successfully mastered the Avatar tools, you can use the tools to reshape or change personal realities. Abilities are recovered. Limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs are discreated. Life goals are discovered. In a sense, you square your life away.

Fixed attention is liberated and your awareness expands; the mind relaxes. And within the mental quiet, more distant questions arise -mystical questions about life and death. Who am I that thinks? Why am I? What is my purpose? What is the purpose of anything? What will become of me when I die? These questions are doors to the inner mysteries.

One of the inner mysteries revealed in the quiet mind Avatar state is that there is a gentle urging or intention underlying the unfold­ing of life. It is like some divine cosmic order that quietly, compassionately whispers the perfect suggestions to you at exactly the right time. But it does not impose its will; it is not insistent; it does not command. In all likelihood it has not been heard, or if it was it was ignored. Very few people understand this universal inner Tao. For most it has been lost in the din of thoughts. Many people have intuitive flashes, but even these flashes come with strong doubts.

So beyond material success and happiness, in the here and now moments free of mind, new priorities unfold. What is really important? Which of my actions are of consequence and which actions are trivial? Why am I so concerned with impermanent things?

These are questions found along the path of self-honesty. They do not merely elicit answers; they create moments of sudden intuitive understanding-epiphanies. Certain qualities start to evolve in your life: serenity, compassion, and consideration for others.

The experience of a transcendent moment and a realization of your own connection to source are mystical but unquestionably real experiences of your Avatar training. If you've got the courage to try it, you're in for a wonderful trip.







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