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Guest post by John Toomey

Keyboard_art_sml Do you ever feel that your life is like the computer that crashes at that most inappropriate time when you are in the middle of pulling a major project together, corrupting data and losing previously unsaved work? The event sets you back, forcing you to start again, hoping that you can recapture some of that creative power.

You may think that the problem lies in your application software or even in faulty hardware, but really it is deeper and less obvious than that.

When things go wrong in your life you look for reasons. Eventually you move on with a new plan, some new goals and affirmations for success.

But the problem may be caused by a belief, a belief buried so deep in your subconscious that you can not either reach it or detect it with conscious or intellectual effort.

This belief is like a bug in your computer's operating system, an ever present destructive "do-loop" that appears to activate itself just when everything appears to be on track.


Maybe you read a book, do a course or get some counseling. But the bug is still there.


Making mental plans, new goals and creating affirmations is a bit like updating your application software. While it might give you renewed resources, it is still running over the top of, and dependant upon your operating system.

When you get running again, and all is looking good, there is every likelihood that your destructive little "do-loop" will kick in and crash the system again.

Analyzing the event mentally is like searching through the error logs of the applications software. The bug in your operating system, the belief, is so deeply beneath the applications error recording systems that it cannot be detected.

So again you set about upgrading your application software. Maybe you read a book, do a course or get some counseling. But the bug is still there.

Avatar is your answer. It is the diagnostic software that first flushes out the bugs in your operating system, then as a bonus, it expands your systems resources, optimizes your application and installs a feature that allows you to optimize your use of all of your applications' power and features.

Now, it doesn't relieve you of the job of sitting at the keyboard, you are still the operator, but when you do start to type, your power to create will know no limits.




John Toomey is an Avatar Master from Australia. He can be reached at +61 (0) 3 9005 7553, +61 (0) 415 844 919 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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