Guest post by Rand Shipley

AbstractMan_art_smlWhy do some people attract success in their lives and others attract mediocrity or failure no matter how hard they try? And why are some people successful in one area of their lives, for example business, but can't succeed in other areas of their lives, say relationships?

What if the beliefs seemingly hardwired into our minds create the experiences that we attract into our lives and largely determine whether we succeed or fail? What if we are often operating on a set of default patterns that create our lives as "this is just the way it is"? What if we are operating on beliefs that seem so much a part of us that we aren't aware they even exist!

If you believe that it is possible to change your life for the better, then The Avatar® Course is what you are looking for. Avatar is the owner's tool kit and instruction manual for the mind and reveals the secret of how to create the life you want!


The tools and processes you master will allow you to undo self limiting beliefs...


AbstractManAvatar is practical, not theoretical and not religious. Your privacy is always respected. There is no dogma that one must agree to or rituals that one must perform. It is not a course in meditation, psychoanalysis, affirmations, visualizations or mantras. It is completely self empowering, non judgmental, non serious and you get to laugh a lot and often have tears of joy.

The material of the course is your own unique consciousness which you will explore in a fun, interesting and liberating way. The tools and processes you master will allow you to undo self limiting beliefs and create new empowering beliefs that will change your life without having to fight, struggle against or overcome old doubts and previously held beliefs. And almost all of these tools and processes can be done solo.

The Avatar course is very enlightening and nearly everyone who finishes the course experiences themselves as pure spirit, beyond their bodies or minds or even who they thought they really were!

The Buddha stated that life is suffering. Avatar states that life is suffering only if you remain ignorant of how your consciousness can be altered to create the life you prefer. The question is not "Why Avatar?" but rather "Why suffer if you don't have to"? And, why would you let yourself suffer if it was possible not to? Connect with an Avatar Master, through the Find A Master page, to experience a free Avatar process and start your exploration.


Rand Shipley is an Avatar Master from California. Contact him at 949-597-1039 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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