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Guest post by Jody James

GrandCanyon_art_smlI have a brother who took The Avatar® Course four years before I did. My other siblings and I agree that with Avatar he went from being an angry guy we couldn't bear to be around, to a peaceful person we wanted to call for advice about our lives.

Sometime after his course, he was visiting me in Atlanta and asked, "You know those anxiety attacks you have?" I nodded. "Next time you get one, do this exercise." Then he proceeded to show me a consciousness technique from The ReSurfacing® Workshop. As it states on the back of the book, ReSurfacing refers to "disentangling yourself from old creations and rising back into awareness." I didn't actually try the technique, but I did memorize how to do it and tucked it away in a mental pocket, ready for some future use.

A month later, I was hiking down into the Grand Canyon and although I used great care and caution, I happened to fall down. Not all the way down to the bottom of the canyon, but just far enough to sprain my ankle. That night my ankle swelled quite noticeably. I lay there in the bunk house wondering how on earth I would get myself out of there the next day. GrandCanyonAs my worry increased, an anxiety attack began to take over. These attacks were the most terrifying experience of my life. I thought my heart would never catch up with my breathing and I'd die.

Remembering the Avatar exercise that my brother had shown me, I began the process. In less than 30 seconds, the anxiety stopped. Wow! I had never stopped one before. They had always just "run their course" which seemed to slow time and take an agonizing "forever."

After an anxiety attack I usually experienced a lingering depression for some number of days. However, the next morning in the canyon, I experienced something different.

As I climbed the three miles up, one step after the other, I began to experience a series of wonderful epiphanies:
• I now had a tool to handle the scariest thing in my life
• I didn't have to be afraid of having an "attack" anymore
• I could go after my life's big dreams without being in "fear of fear"

A smile grew on my face, as well as in my consciousness. I was integrating a new definition of self. It felt like finding a picture of yourself from 15 or 20 years ago, that you haven't seen in a very long time, and now it seems no longer like you.

That "me" had expired.

When I returned home, I called an Avatar Master in a neighboring state and asked when I could take the nine-day Avatar Course with her. We set a date. She mailed me the two books required for the course and I did my homework of exploring my current definition of self, before beginning the transition of my Avatar course.

My twin sister decided that I wasn't going to make all these positive changes without her and came with me to take the course. Rather than the old limitations we grew up putting on each other - like "you know how you were always dumb when it came to school?" - we had quite a few first time experiences of seeing each other as who we truly are.

Suddenly, my sister was blown-away with my newly discovered (or recovered) intuition and awareness. The laughter we shared those nine days felt so wonderful and I believe even health restoring.


Here are some other insights and changes I made during my first time on The Avatar Course:

  • I never had another anxiety attack.
  • I never experienced "loneliness" again
  • I dis-created being "learning challenged" and began reading Einstein's Theory of Relativity - just for fun.
  • I could learn things incredibly fast and easy.
  • I gave up fear & judgment about my intuitive abilities and they strengthened greatly.
  • I let go of fear of doing taxes and created enjoying doing them.
  • I began making effective changes in my life as soon as I returned home instead of responding with "I can't" to the possibilities.
  • I gave up blaming others for my life and experienced being happy and source of my life.
  • Inner peace was a familiar feeling I could regain at will.

And then came: The Avatar Master Course, Professional Course and The Avatar Wizard Courses that followed... MAGIC!


Jody James is an Avatar Master/Wizard from Florida and can be reached at 941-586-5131 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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