To Avatar Course

Guest post by Joanie Kirk


• To feel more connected and real with friends and family.

• To have a quiet mind.

• To remember and feel what it feels like to belly laugh.

• To clean up areas of their life that aren’t working so great.

• To give back.

• To find out what it feels like to have ‘free attention’.NumbersArt.png

• To become more responsible in their life.

• To feel what it feels like to be living from Source awareness.

• To let go of the need to be right, or the best, or the worst, or….

• To connect with a group of kind, loving, fun, dynamic people committed to making a change in the world.

• To experience being kind, loving, fun, dynamic and committed to making a change in the world.

• To feel peaceful.

• To be able to deliberately shift how they are feeling in a heartbeat.

• To deliberately smile until they feel happy.

• To move beyond their fixed viewpoint and see someone else’s point of view.

• To finally drop judgment on themselves and everyone else.

• To do an Avatar exercise with someone who speaks a different language and feel the connection, and able to fully understand where they are and feel totally understood.

• To feel alive, focused, relaxed, and productive in their lives.

• To get back to creating their dreams.

• To get beyond something they never thought they would or could handle in their life.

• To explore and experience a hundred different ideas in mass consciousness for the heck of it.

• To assist in the awakening of others.

• To assist in relieving the suffering in the world.

• To make a difference.

• To be on a course with people from many different cultures and countries from all over the world, all working for the good of humankind.

• To learn to use the most powerful self-evolvement tools out there.

• To use the tools to find out that it’s not OUT there, it’s IN here!

• To have fun doing work in consciousness…or doing anything, for that matter.

• To fall in love, over and over and over again.

• To contribute to the creation of an enlightened planetary civilization.

• To Love Precious Humanity.

Joanie Kirk is an Avatar Master/Wizard from Alaska. Contact her at 505-699-7083 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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