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Guest post by Fiona Campbell

Fiona_Sam_art_sml I am profoundly grateful for the Avatar® tools. Through Avatar I was able to open my heart to my son. We adopted Sam when he was five-and-a-half-months-old. Now he is 30, and it has only been in the years since I took Avatar that I have felt connected with him and loved him for who he is.

He was an adorable child, sunny, generous and funny. Everyone loved him. I felt jealous of all the people who could love Sam effortlessly, for me it was a struggle. It seemed like just one of those things, we would never be really close.

Of course I did my best and gave him what I could. I made sure he had the best help for learning to read, and sent him on programs that would help him develop life skills. He met his birth parents and formed an inseparable bond with his father. But I was still unable to be free and easy with Sam.

Fiona_SamThen I took The Avatar Course. On ReSurfacing®, the first part of Avatar, during the Transparent Belief Exercise, I was asked what I'd like to change. The expected results of this exercise are insights and personal transformation, so I went for the biggie, I wanted to change feeling distant from my son.

Through the question and answer technique I explored some beliefs, and unearthed a beauty, I was afraid of him. Feeling that, everything shuffled into place around me, it was my life making sense. I finally understood.

Harry Palmer talks about a belief being transparent when you are operating through it without noticing it. They are seldom helpful, most are self-sabotaging and they are adopted in a moment when you are something less than rational.

The day I first met Sam it was with the knowing that we were holding his life in our hands. It felt like we were responsible for determining his future. All very serious, I got scared, didn't tell anyone, and carried the fear over to him. With out realizing it, I'd been trying to love him through that fear.

Discovering this belief changed everything for me. Its influence was gone. On returning home from the course, I saw Sam and felt who he was — effortlessly!


Fiona Campbell is an Avatar Master from Australia. She can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +61408 319 244.



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