PattiGardner.pngPatti Gardner is from Wisconsin.
She can be reached at 715-254-1891
or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What is the most memorable experience you’ve had since delivering Avatar?

I recently worked with a student on The Avatar Course who had experienced neglect, abuse and trust issues for much of her life. She is a quiet, gentle and loving being who takes one step at a time and then checks before moving forward.

It was so interesting to watch her create her safe spaces in the room and with people and then she would fully participate in whatever exercise was next. It was like watching a flower unfold. She did ReSurfacing and then decided to go on to Section II and when she completed that she took another look and decided to go on with Section III. Within the love and safety of the tools she revealed herself to herself and found a powerful source being.

She also created a network of friends and support so that when she arrived home she could continue her work on her self and put attention on the new things she wanted to create in her life. Just when I think she has hit a limit and is resisting, I realize it is just her pause before deliberately deciding upon her next step. Watching her I can just “widen back” and appreciate consciousness unfolding at its own pace. I so love this work!

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