To Avatar Course

by Fiona Campbell

Gunn_art-sml"Being in the right place at the right time" is how New Zealander Bernie Gunn describes the reason for starting his Avatar journey. "It just turned out that my higher self wanted to do it and I didn't fight it." From starting ReSurfacing® in December, he continued with the full Avatar Course, attended Masters and in February experienced the Wizard Course.

Back in December, Bernie was between jobs and countries. He decided to take advantage of an opportunity he had to spend some time with his dad in a hotel for a few days. Bernie said he was "dawdling along and very noncommittal and indecisive about everything." His father, Alan, was attending a workshop for Avatar Masters and there happened to be a ReSurfacing workshop starting the next day.

The rest of Bernie's family had already done The Avatar Course, and he'd noticed a big difference in their general happiness since. "They had no worries, and my parents seemed younger," he noted. But he felt he didn't need Avatar. "I thought I could be like that if I really wanted to, I just hadn't decided to live how I really wanted."

BernieGunnHorseOn this Saturday morning, his father suggested that he could do ReSurfacing. Bernie said he didn't think it was for him, to which Alan replied, "That's an interesting belief." "I felt a bit miffed, but I could see that the that's not for me road didn't go very far," Bernie recalls.

The weekend workshop was an eye-opener for Bernie. "I felt I'd taken a step forward. I realized the things - like dilemmas and limitations - that had come up in my life were actually common phenomena. I had some big realizations about relationships with friends and past girlfriends, and why things had turned out the way they had. In each relationship I had been blaming the other person for how it was. At ReSurfacing I saw that I was making it what it was. This opened my eyes to the scope for making things the way we both wanted them to be. I felt the change from me no longer seeing my friends as fixed identities and just appreciating them for themselves." From here it was easy for Bernie to decide to do the rest of The Avatar Course. He could see the potential for making his life better and having more fun.

His dad gifted him the course, "the best gift I've ever had," he explained. From there on, his resistance was obliterated. He knew that he could do Avatar, Masters and Wizards without sacrificing other plans.

Learning to paraglide had been one of his goals. He accomplished it after The Avatar Course. "I felt totally free and open to everything. All the fears I would have had without the course had gone. On the first trip, we took off and I crashed straight away. Before, I would have been very critical of myself, but now, I stepped straight back up and decided the next one would be perfect. Flying up about 10,000 feet in something like a deck chair, I felt totally comfortable and confident. The instructors said I was one of the fastest learners they'd ever had."

GunnPixDuring The Avatar Course, Bernie made lots of life-directional decisions.  Previously he'd seen deciding as locking himself into something, now, he saw it as a challenge. He dropped all fear of challenges, knowing they wouldn't stop him from doing anything. At 22, he has taken over the management of the family farm and vineyard and is working on future plans to restore the land and give back to mother earth.

"I have a lot more wisdom, and more responsibility. I've learned you can't change things without taking responsibility. I'm stepping up to my goals and relationships and owning them. I can make them as good as I want," observes Bernie.

This has been especially apparent with his fiancee Jen. They met at The Avatar Master Course in January, and announced their engagement at the end of The Wizard Course in February. "We are owning everything about it, accepting it and making it what we want. It's beyond our dreams. Now I go on intuition, and say and do what's there, no holding back. In conversation, I let it all flow. If I see someone needs a hand, off I go to help."

At Masters, Bernie realized his dreams had been slowly forming and he could see what he'd accomplished thus far. "I could accept everything and be grateful for my journey to that point. Also, I could accept and love myself. My dreams started rocketing into existence."

The integration he achieved cleared the way for memories and unresolved issues in his childhood to be felt. "The connections I'd had with my granddad all came back to me. He died when I was two, and I'd never mourned his passing. The memories were there and I cried and cried. I felt like I'd been to his funeral. Now I just feel his essence, and I see it in Dad, Bryden and Libby."

Wizards exposed and strengthened Bernie's understanding and use of intuition. "I stopped dismissing things as co-incidence. It was that I had picked up on what was happening. I've become able to control what is in my mind. I can step back from it and appreciate it."


I've learned you can't change things without taking responsibility. I'm stepping up to my goals and relationships and owning them.

"All those little things that made me stop and think, Is it real or not? the things you wished were true and you could do them, you can. Being able to feel and having creative power, pure grit and courage. They are limitless. Once you let them flow you can use everything as a tool. Every obstacle is a point to learn from and then move forward. Every obstacle from now on is a chance to improve, not despair."

"The family overcame some huge obstacles during Wizards, regarding relationships and the farm. They had seemed insurmountable but now they seem like past events. We're able to look at the bigger picture, which makes everyday things easier to get through. It's looking at an issue from different viewpoints, like looking at a menu with all the options, choosing one and seeing how it would work. We find a solution quickly.

"The big picture is the whole world moving forward, everyone coming together, putting aside our dramas and being happy. Living the life we've dreamed of and helping others learn that for themselves."


•    •    •    •    •



Susie GunnSusie Gunn was the first in her family to do Avatar. Her marriage with Alan was shaky, and she'd suffered depression for 20 years, so she was ready to do something that would make her life better.

She enjoyed the course, life with Alan became easier, and she knew how much her family would benefit from it. There was no nagging, just a natural evolution of her daughter Libby doing the course, then Alan, Bryden (14 at the time) and finally, Bernie.

"Now the circle is complete. It feels like we're all on the same frequency and reutf8g to each other being to being, instead of me being Mum." Susie is ready to work with her doctor to come off the medication she's been taking. She is grateful for her life, and the Avatar tools which enable her to connect with and support others.


Alan GunnAlan went to Avatar to please Susie. He definitely was not going to attend any of the advanced courses! However on day 2 ReSurfacing, during the goal setting exercises, he realized he was lost. He didn't know where he was or where he was going.

Once he started creating goals, his life began falling into place. From there on, he found what he was looking for, an ability to help people who weren't as happy as they wanted to be. "With Avatar you can learn this in nine days and slowly become expert at helping people. I love seeing someone arrive in front of your eyes and become the real them. It's magic!"


Bryden GunnBryden felt the excitement in his Dad's voice when he called during Alan's Avatar Course. The changes in Alan inspired him. At his course, Bryden felt the potential of the tools. "I knew what we could do, how much we can create, how much help we can be" and from this understanding, made a primary that all his family do Wizards.

From spending much of his time worrying what others thought of him, Bryden has built stronger bonds with his friends and family, and feels much clearer. "A lot of people say they feel comfortable in my space. It feels good to help." Before Avatar, he couldn't express himself, but now he is writing songs and planning to form a rock band.


Libby Gunn"I had a secret suspicion and hope about the things Avatar talks about, but I was always a very worrisome girl. Life had great parts but mostly they were just stars in a night of continual worry about something! However, I guess what you need, will always find you eventually.

Life is not so much this big serious struggle anymore, it’s more of an adventure. Challenging things still come along in my life, but now I have a very strong foundation from which to handle them. All I have to do (which is automatic now, like a little birdy on my shoulder) is remember I CREATED ALL OF THIS! So I cannot complain. And the up-side, is not just running from struggle but running towards creation. Using the tools to create what I want, from that pure belief that I can do anything! It’s all about owning your experiences, and going from there.”


Fiona Campbell is an Avatar Master and part of the Pacific Team working in Australia and New Zealand. You can email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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