R_KochRebecca Koch is from New Mexico.
Contact her at 505-699-6129
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What is The Avatar Course about?

Avatar is about awakening to one's life. Before I took The Avatar Course, I was intent on figuring out what this life is all about-to "get it." After exploring several modalities and armed with a library full of books on philosophy, religion, and self-help and my head full of interesting philosophical principles, I thankfully stumbled onto Avatar. Avatar gave me the experience of being awake in this life-of my beingness in life, not just acknowledging the words about life, nodding my head in agreement or disagreement as though life was something out there to be gotten and affirmed.

In my pursuit-and I do mean pursuit-of life before Avatar, I became skilled at figuring and doing. Avatar awakened my beingness, and out of that beingness, I can now do. It is the experience of true responsibility. And that has been the most profound discovery for me: Avatar is really about honesty with yourself so you can truly be responsible and experience your life fully.

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