To Avatar Course

by Harry Palmer

There are moments on The Avatar Course when all thought processes stop, and one becomes aware of existence without creating any reaction or response to it. Awareness moves beyond the scope of daily concerns, slips time and definition, and realizes itself as the descriptionless source from which all things, real or imagined, have their beginnings.

HP-2Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials

This is the transcendental experience, the divine ground. This is the source from which all differences arise and to which all differences ultimately return to be integrated. It is the eternal moment in which the seer and the seen, the knower and the known, share the same root.

In this state there is no conflict between the good of others and benefits for oneself as one clearly perceives the unified nature of awareness.

In this state there is no need to seek or reject anything or anyone, as one clearly perceives the arbitrary structures of preferences and judgments.

In this state there is no permanence and no impermanence as these are qualities, and this state is without quality, without characteristic.

The Buddhist calls this state of awareness quiet abiding. The Brahmin labels it the descriptionless void. The Christian mystic calls it the eye of Jehovah (I am that I am). The Muslim calls it the formless and unnamed God. In Avatar we refer to it as SOURCE.

No words or symbols can contain this state, for as the source of description, it is itself always beyond description.


No words or symbols can contain this state, for as the source of description, it is itself always beyond description.


But, it can be experienced!

The value of Avatar, and I suspect the reason for its worldwide popularity, lies not in the written materials but in the ease and efficiency with which a trained Avatar Master can lead a student to repeatedly achieve an experience of this long-sought state of being.

As source, the Avatar student is behind or outside the filters of the intellect, behind or outside belief systems, and behind or outside of any conflict with any other identity.

In this here and now, the student has a non-judgmental, compassionate view of his own creation of reality. If he chooses, he can return his awareness through the same old belief filters and watch as his creation of the world re-arises with its freedoms (opportunities) and limitations (problems), its truths and facts, its allies and enemies.

Or if he chooses, with the assistance of his Master, he can discreate the old filters and redirect his awareness through new filters of his own creation and watch a new world arise.

Perhaps the student will choose to alter a belief and turn a limitation into an opportunity to explore a new experience. Perhaps the student will choose to change a belief that was causing the projection of an enemy and create a friend or ally instead.

Source has no limitation that it does not choose, no freedom that it does not create.

Returning to source is the path of experiencing. Returning to the world is the path of creating.

The Avatar learns to walk both paths deliberately.

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