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Dear Harry -- Please consider this my gold page success story from the Montreal Avatar Course.

I just came home from the course in Montreal with Bill and George. During the course I was being very vigilant about not coming from ego as Avra had been mentioning ego and I knew it was an easy pitfall for me. Then... Avra helped us learn about Gratitude. I was creating the primary Out of gratitude to Harry I am Contributing to an Enlightened Planetary Civilization with Avra. I knew it was different than anything I had ever done before. She told me just feel it. I never really got how you personally hold the space for Loving all of Precious Humanity. It just makes sense how Everything is all Right when you hold the space for Loving all Precious Humanity. I always felt I was grateful, grateful for my training, grateful for Avra being my Master, grateful to my other mentors in my life - grateful for my parents, husband, and other friends and family. Grateful for being able to be in Montreal with George and Bill. But... this is such a different feeling, Im not sure how to explain it in words. I can be "in gratitude easily", but when I feel "out of gratitude" it feels like I am living from serious drill. It feels more like the space the trainers hold.

I am very much humbled. I feel like if I can hold this space I will not need to worry about my ego. Right now, I cant hold this space through out my day, but I feel it and I want to go up on the doingness scale of it. Ive reread my Pro pack. There are so many nuggets of knowledge in such a tiny pack!
Ive been in the slow lane assimiutf8g all of this in the last two days. I know I need to get back in the Fast Lane so I am creating the visions as primaries on page 62. ( I just had to take a break from writing this e-mail to answer a call from someone who wants to take Avatar -- Im registering her this afternoon---hmmmmm).

It just seems like admitting where I am and creating the primaries on page 62 is putting me back in the fast lane. Im moving up the doingness scale and am going to manifest primaries and work with my teammates and the trainers to create more Avatars, Masters and Wizards.

Thank you for creating the materials and allowing me to be part of your team. There is so much more for me to feel and learn.

Out of gratitude and love, Beth Edwards
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