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Dear Harry,

It¹s when students awaken on course and when I myself use the tools that I realize, as if anew, how insightful and powerful they really are.

Late this winter I began to get episodes of squeezing pain in both upper arms and shortness of breath, as if atypical angina. As I was leaving Santa Fe the morning after the spring course finished, I had three or four bouts of this, getting closer and more severe each time. With the last bout, on the bus to Albuquerque and the airport, I had a sense of impending doom and realized I was probably having crescendo angina that was progressing to a heart attack. There wasn¹t much else to do I did the attack handle in my head and felt much better once it was done.

When I arrive home in the Bay area, I contacted my doctor. He, too, couldn¹t think of much else but angina or a heart attack and arranged for a cardiologist to evaluate me. I was proud to do well on the treadmill part of the stress test, but the thallium scan with it showed evidence of damage heart attack at the apex of the heart, low down in the chest. A couple of weeks later I had a CT scan of the arteries in the heart. This showed that one artery, the right coronary, was constricted near its start by 60% to 80% -- that is, there was only 20% to 40% of the normal flow. That artery supplies the area the thallium scan showed was damaged.

They scheduled a true, invasive, catheter angiogram which was to be followed on the table by angioplasty blowing up the damaged area with a balloon on the catheter and placement of a metal stent to keep the artery open. That in turn would mean three years of strong blood thinners. Needless to say I didn¹t like the idea but realized it was necessary.

I managed to postpone the catheter study until this past Monday, after the International Course and the San Diego Cooperative. I¹ve spent virtually every night since the CT study doing the Body Handle and following it with a primary that my heart is healthy.

Monday, I had the catheter study. The cardiologist was astounded, and my wife and I were delighted, that each of the blood vessels of the heart was entirely clean no blockage or hardening of any of the arteries.

You can imagine the sense I have of a new lease on life, and the new creativity with that area of fixed attention freed up. Thank you so much for these tools.



(Pieter Kark, MD
Mountain View, CA)


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