To Avatar Course
Well I would tell a master that has no idea what the Wizards course is about to just,like, feel into what it felt like to be at Masters, and all that love that they had there and all that feeling of being connected to whomever was at your Masters Course, and multiply that by two thousand or one million or all that. Just multiply that feeling, and feel it for half a second, and then it still wont even equal what you get at the Wizard Course because the amount of love at the Wizard Course and the connection is like nothing else on the planet, nothing.

Its, you know, its like amazing. Were so many people from so many places, working for one common goal, and this is the only legacy we can really leave future generations. Being here now for everyone, and wow, its just like my dream come true. Ive always wanted to make this a better world, for my kids, and for everyone. When you see the amount of suffering out there, and how you can avoid it just by becoming real, its amazing.

Patsy long de Ralero-Mexico-2008

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