Dear Harry,

I just came home from the Integrity Course in Willingen. On the last day I made a primary to really connect with my extended family.

My plane was an hour late getting to Edinburgh and when I got off the plane I bumped into my ex husband which is the second time I have met him in 2 weeks after a gap of around 15 years. We just said hello because he was going off to meet someone.

Seconds later I heard a voice calling my name. When I turned round my former stepdaughter, who I haven't seen since she was 14 about 20 years ago, ran up to me and threw her arms around me and said "I am so happy to see you". It was a beautiful moment of reconnection.

I wasn't even thinking about that part of my family when I made the primary. I am very happy! Thank you for these wonderful tools!
Margaret Williamson- Scotland