Guest post by Nicola Karesh

RoseDawn_smlDo nothing.
Be still.
Exciting times lay ahead my friend.
Go inward like the hibernating bear.
Seek sustenance and direction
From the deep pool of life.RosesDawn_big
Dip down into the inky depths,
And tap into the wisdom,
Waiting to greet you,
Beyond the hallowed doors.
Time to shine little ones.
It's time to rise and shine.
Step forth you beacons of light,
Paving the way with brilliance and glory.
This moment is your moment.
This time is your time.
This lifetime is yours,
To blaze a trail.
To leave your imprint.
To leave no stone unturned.
Leave no soul untouched.
You are being called forth heart of mine
To be the new light in this world.



The Avatar® Journal would like to thank Nicola for sharing her poem.


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