J_Cebulski_QApicJoann Cebulski is from Georgia.
She can be reached at (404) 668-6224

or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


How have you used Avatar to improve a situation in your life?
Avatar helped me go from wearing an uncomfortable costume to getting to know who I really am and enjoying it! Using the Avatar tools just naturally helps you become more of who you really are and want to be.

Do you have a memorable moment from delivering The Avatar Course?
I worked with a lady, close to 80 years-old, who kept discovering herself and sharing things with her son that he had NEVER heard. She seemed infirm and a grouch, but under it all she kept plugging away. She said she thought it was too late to change her life but she found out that she still could! She was laughing and joking by the end and a hero to everyone.

Did you do any personal-development work before Avatar?
No. Mostly what I had was through the church — my Catholic faith. I had some family incidents several years ago that shook that faith and left me shaky. With Avatar, I regained a faith that's bigger and encompasses that and more.

If you only had one thing to say to a person about Avatar, what would you say?
It will change your life and make you happy and powerful in a way you can't even imagine. And what a fun, lovely group to hang out and grow with.



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