J-KirkJoanie Kirk is from Alaska, Florida and points in between.
She can be reached at 505-699-7083
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How did your life change after The Avatar Course?

Prior to Avatar, I thought struggle was how life was meant to be lived. Struggle was how one proved she was strong and of good character. My parents had modeled that for me, I learned it well. Upon doing The Avatar Course, my Master's words hung in the air, "Your life will change after doing the course," and, "You can really never go back to how you were before the course." That was good news for me.

After the course, I began to align my life to meet the goals and create the dreams I had dreamt for years, some I had even forgotten. At first, I created personal goals that affected my own day to day life, concerning relationships, building a house for myself, living on the land, and getting better at some skills.

Then I began to think and feel beyond my personal life, to a broader purpose that asked, How could I better contribute in the world? I could feel an idea begin to develop into a concept, and then it became clearer as I decided to create in the world a way to serve, to ease the burden. I began to live deliberately for the good of all, not just to satisfy my own needs and desires.

The question has changed from What do I want to do next? to How can I help and contribute?

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