C_Kay_QApicCameron Kay is from New Zealand
He can be reached at +64 (0) 7 825 0148 or +64 (0) 21 529 765

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How have you used Avatar to improve a situation in your life?
My partner, Megan, and I have just bought a house and have been deciding on paint color and carpets. It's turned out to be very stressful. Recently, after visiting the carpet shop, we where both so worked up we decided to go for a coffee. At the coffee shop we carried on the argument, which had turned away from deciding on things for the house to a personal attack on each other.

I was hating this turn of events and I could tell Megs was upset. So I decided to use some of the Avatar exercises to calm down. I told Megs I was going to do this and walked out to the carpark to start. I was so angry that as I walked out I contemplated driving away and leaving her there. But, After 15 minutes of the exercise, I was calm, a lot more open to alternate viewpoints, and I felt compassion and humility.

When Megs came out to leave we chatted and I felt compassion for her. We both lightened up and had a laugh about what was happening. We where able to go from there to the house and make some decisions that we where happy about.

Thanks, Harry, for the tools, they are life saving.


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