B_Jacob_QApicBlair Jacob is from Texas.
She can be reached at (512) 585-8199

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What is one example of how you have used Avatar to improve a situation in your life?
I have many more than just one example of how Avatar has improved a situations in my life. I guess the number one way is that the tools have helped me to handle my resistances to situations and helped me to be present in making some tough decisions. Avatar also has given me to tools to look at something from many different perspectives, so I'm not 'stuck' with an either/or solution that might not be the best for anyone. I can actually create the solutions that I really want to experience.

What is the best reason you have heard for doing The Avatar Course?
Life is so much simpler, there is so much grace and awe, people get to 'feel' life and feel alive again!


Did you do any personal-development work before Avatar?
I wouldn't say I actually did any personal development courses. I did do a lot of searching that included meditation, healing work, etc. The biggest difference for me was that with Avatar I was able to find my own answers to my own life questions. AND, for the first time, I really discovered that the road between awareness and consciousness was a "two-way street," and Avatar is a full workability of both directions. I could always back my way out and be one with all that is, but I didn't have to tools to be here/now and meet life—create my life. Before it was like I could escape for a while, but my life situations were always waiting for me. Now I can integrate them with ease and keep moving forward.


If you only had one thing to say to a person about Avatar, what would you say?
We can truly be the change we seek in the world. When and if we are willing to take responsibility for our own natural creating ability and learn how to use it under our deliberate control. It's easier than you think and it's way more fun living life deliberately than being at the effect of life.

When we actually get the experiential clarity to go along with our intellectual understanding of how we operate in our own unique universe and take full responsibility for it, we will have the confidence and ability to respectfully, compassionately and tolerantly share this universe with other amazing beings. We can 'meet' each other beyond our beliefs about each other and touch lives like we were meant to—like we have always dreamed we could.

Find out more about The Avatar Course. Re-acquaint yourself with the amazing being you are! Remember who you are!.


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