Guest post by Adriel Brunson

CPC_AB_article_smlIn October of 2009, Harry Palmer launched The Compassion Project with the goal of increasing the amount of total compassion in the world. The project is based on The Compassion Exercise* which is printed on a small, folded card. The cards are given freely to friends and strangers alike.

At the launch, Harry spoke of delivering one million cards in the coming year. It's now July of 2010 and in the last eight months that goal has been surpassed. We're well on our way with the second million cards. From the original printing in 11 languages we're now distributing cards in 18 languages (soon to be 20) and they are being shipping around the world.

Our FaceBook page ( continues to gain more visitors and fans as people around the world discover the power of creating more compassion in the world.

We hear stories of people taking a few minutes to do the Compassion Exercise and experiencing life changing results:

  • One married couple did the exercise on each other and, through tears of joy, said "I feel like we've just done our vows again!"
  • A person at a job expo who did the exercise said, "I didn't know why I came here today and now I've got the reason why I'm here."
  • A woman who learned of the Compassion Project and did the exercise asked, "How much help do you need? I can think of seven people right now who would love this!"
  • An Avatar Master who was working with a student about his lack of patience with others gave him the Compassion Card and led him through the exercise. At the end, the student was close to tears, "Oh, this is what I need! This is what can help me be more patient. Can I have a card for my fiancee?" After many hugs, he left with several cards and a more open heart.



The dedication of the people who get involved with the Compassion Project is inspiring. A team in Australia recently handed out 2,100 cards and did the Compassion Exercise with 1,126 people over the course of a five-day expo. The team was continually amazed at the results they experienced with people of all ages and perspectives doing this exercise.

All of this made me wonder, "How can five simple steps have such profound results?" So, I went to the source. I asked Harry Palmer. Here's what he said.

"When people say 'Just like me...' with their attention on someone else they have a personal experience of grace. Grace for themselves with all their faults and grace for someone else who is also human.

"Each step builds the connection and touches another aspect of being human that we all share. The feeling of compassion is unique and all people everywhere resonate with the sense of peace that comes with it."



I believe that what Harry said is true. And here's what else I believe. I believe we have come to a time when good people everywhere are ready to move forward and create a better world. I see people working to provide the basic necessities of food, water, shelter and care for others around the world. I see people changing their habits to conserve more energy to leave their children a cleaner world. And I see people learning to take responsibility for their part in the creation we all experience as life on this planet.

These are the people who find themselves drawn to a web page, a table in an expo or even to the person standing next to them in line who hands them a Compassion Card and invites them to experience the power of this exercise in that moment.

Just today I had my own experience of how the Compassion Exercise changes the world. I had to make a difficult phone call to a friend. It was one of those moments when you're not sure of the outcome but you know you have to follow through. I took a few minutes before the call and ran the Compassion Exercise on my friend. I swear I could feel something shift between the two of us even though my hand had not touched the phone.



When we talked there was an instant alignment and understanding of the situation. My friend felt the moment when they'd lost their trust in our connection and became afraid of being abandoned. A few minutes later we were laughing and making plans to talk again in a couple of days.

Yes, there is power in taking the responsibility to create more compassion in the world and great joy in the profound results. I encourage everyone to join the Compassion Project and continue to spread the Compassion Exercise around the world.

*The Compassion Exercise is one of thirty exercises in ReSurfacing: Techniques for Exploring Consciousness by Harry Palmer. (Currently available in 17 languages.)


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