Guest post by Rich Brenckman

Lumberjack_art_smlThere's a story about an old woodcutter who worked day and night. Yet despite his dedication and hard work, he was not only less productive than his fellow woodcutters who worked fewer hours, but he kept falling farther behind. How can this be?

The other woodcutters didn't work such long hours, but they spent some of their time maintaining their tools, sharpening their axes, and working on other equipment that increased their productivity. When they invited their colleague to take a moment to at least sharpen his axe, he told them, "I don't have time. I have to work hard to make a living and pay my bills." And yet — trying to cut trees without sharpening his axe pretty much guaranteed he wouldn't reach his goals.

What's this got to do with Avatar®? A lot, actually. First, the old woodcutter had self-sabotaging beliefs. Had he taken the time to examine them he would have seen how his beliefs were affecting his results. He would have seen that his consciousness needed sharpening, just like his axe. But, the old woodcutter forgot that his beliefs were responsible for creating his experiences in life. So no matter how hard he worked and how hard he tried to change his life, since he wasn't treating his beliefs as the source of his experiences, he was doomed to failure.


It's not how hard you work, it's how smart you work that makes the difference.


Lumberjack_bigMany people tell us, "I don't have the time to do Avatar and examine my beliefs; I have to work hard to make a living and pay my bills". I doubt that they're cutting trees for a living, but they're making the same mistake as the old woodcutter. They're ignoring the very thing they need to fix if they want to be successful.

Their intentions are good, their action plan is not. People who don't examine and deliberately manage their consciousness operate on default beliefs that will absolutely sabotage their efforts.

Whatever you do in life, you need the best tools you can get, and you need to keep them sharpened up and in pristine condition. The Avatar Course contains the most powerful set of tools available today for living deliberately and creating success. Learn them, use them, keep them in good shape, and they will never let you down.

It's not how hard you work, it's how smart you work that makes the difference.

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