Guest post by Audrey Scopilliti


All of us have experienced waiting in line for a cashier. Probably most of us have spent the time counting to make sure the person in ahead of us doesn't have that eleventh item.


Then there is being put on hold while trying to reach someone over the telephone — Your call will be answered by the next available service representative... and they fill the time with the most excruciating muzak. There really should be a law against using Beatles songs for muzak.


How about rush hour traffic and being stuck in grid-lock? There are only so many times you can hear that obnoxious car dealer commercial on the radio before you really loose it. Argh!

So there you are, waiting. You begin to exhale deeply in frustration. You tap your foot, a silent scream echoes in your head. You are ready to blow your horn. Oh, you've already blown it!

Maybe this experience of waiting is so bothersome because it triggers another, deeper kind of waiting in our lives. Waiting for the life we suspect exists, but can't quite get hold of, to begin. The deep longing in our hearts to not just find, but live our purpose and to contribute our unique gifts to the world. The waiting in our hearts for our deepest dreams to come true.

Maybe that's why our impatience, irritation, frustration, and anger is so out of proportion to the actual experience of waiting to make a left turn. Maybe we've made a left turn in life, unconsciously, long ago and can't quite find our way home. So we wait and we hope, and we dream and we silently scream.


Are you waiting for the universe to magically provide?


Are you waiting:

...for someone to show up in your life, who will then make you happy?

...for enough time or money to do something? know who it is you really are and what it is you really want? be recognized, appreciated, loved? feel the joy in life, instead of the struggle? achieve some state of being that will then make you happy?

...for your true purpose to be revealed?

...for the answer?

Are you waiting for the universe to magically provide? This kind of waiting creates deep dissatisfaction within ourselves, with the world around us, with life itself. No wonder we want to scream at the check-out clerk.

Until I allowed myself to experience The Avatar® Course, like you I was waiting in my heart. I was as Harry discusses in Life Challenges, sitting back and letting circumstance shape my life. I was waiting to figure it out, waiting to know and waiting for that last piece of the puzzle that put it all together. I was waiting to experience joy, real satisfaction and for my true purpose in life to be revealed.

On The Avatar Course I found what I had been waiting for.


Audrey Scopilliti is a Star's Edge Trainer from Illinois. She can be contacted at 773-929-9743 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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