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QnA_art_smlNote: The following question is from an orthodox Jew who asked if it was "kosher" to do Avatar®. Alan Beer, who responded to the question, took The Avatar Master Course in 1995; he lived in Jerusalem until 2003, when he died as the result of a bombing. The person asking the question did The Avatar Course a short time later, in 2004.

The Question:

Dear Al,

I wish to do The Avatar Course soon. However, being an orthodox Jew, I wish to do some research amongst my fellow orthodox Jews who have done the course, to see whether Avatar is "kosher" enough for a "frumm" jew, and to hear from them how it affected their relationship with their Judaism. I would particularly like to hear from "black" Chassidic or "Litvish" Jews. Perhaps you could put me in touch with a few of them?

Rabbis I have asked are very skeptical, and they say there are no short cuts. They fear the outcome could be tainted with "avoda Zara", or idolatrous concepts.

Yours sincerely,


Alan's Answer:

Is Avatar kosher? My answer is "yes." In my experience with The Avatar Course, Masters Course, Professional Course and Wizard Course I have never been asked, encouraged, instructed or in any other way led to worship anything or to stop worshipping G-d or to abandon Torah1 or to violate any halacha2 that I know of.

I grew up Orthodox in Cleveland. After spending most of my adult life away from Torah, it is as a result of my Avatar experiences that I have returned to shmirat mitzvot3. I now feel a real, personal appreciation for what the mitzvot are all about, and choose moment by moment to observe them.

lt feels very different from having the intellectual understanding I had in my youth, which I found uncompelling most of my adult life. Now I feel I am serving Hashem4 and not merely doing things or avoiding things to please family, Rabeiim5 or community.

StarOfDavidThe basic premise of the Avatar materials, which you can read in the book Living Deliberately and begin to experience with the ReSurfacing® workbook, is that what we believe creates the reality we experience. (The motto of the State of Israel: 'if you believe it, it is no myth.')

Avatar training is not about what we believe, but how we come to believe. It helps us master our belief skills, so we can choose deliberately what we'll believe, and deliberately let go of what we no longer want to believe.

We thus allow ourselves to create the realities we envision and prefer.

You and I choose to believe what we wish (including, for example, the 13 beliefs of Rambam6), and the reality we experience will reflect those beliefs. We get along with others by being comfortable in our own beliefs, and by deciding that it is okay if others happen to believe something else. (I personally understand this to be the meaning of Veahavtah lerayacha kamocha7.) Avatar training does not attempt to alter or add to our beliefs. Rather, Avatar masters help us sharpen our skills of creating and dis-creating beliefs and of helping others to do the same.

About other halachic8 perspectives: I have not personally met any shomrei shabbat9 Avatars other than myself, so I cannot refer you to any. I am a 'kippah serugah'10 kind of guy. There are probably many Orthodox Jewish Avatars in the New York City area, but I don't live there so I haven't had the opportunity to meet them. You might contact an Avatar Master and ask them.

I wish you well. Please feel free to contact me if you have more questions.

Al Beer




1. Torah: the books of Jewish scriptures and other sacred Jewish writings.

2. Halacha: the currently accepted body of Jewish religious law.

3. Shmirat Mitzvot: practicing Jewish rituals

4. Hashem: G-d

5. Rabeiim: plural of Rabi

6. Rambam: One of the main Jewish scholars (12th century)

7. Veahavtah lerayacha kamocha: love thy neighbor as yourself

8. halachic: according to the Halacha (see above No. 2)

9. shomrei shabbat: religious people

10. kippah serugah: A woven Kippah (head cover) used by the liberal trend of Jews



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