Guest post by Peter Felice

GirlButterfly_art-smlWhen people ask me about the greatest thing that I gained from doing The Avatar® Course, it would have to be connection. I have always felt very connected to my kids but the level of connection that is now possible is incredible. The tools that I learned to use on The Avatar Course have allowed me to become very present and really appreciate the world that I live in. I no longer have my attention drained by past events that I can not change or future events that may never happen. I live in the present moment and am amazed with the connection that is possible living this way. This connectedness flows into every relationship in my life.

As a parent, I want to be the very best I can be. I feel that my role is to give my children a platform for a happy and fulfilling life. I want them to go for their dreams. I want them to never give up. I want them to be inspired, motivated, and optimistic. I want a lot... or do I? Is what I want unreasonable? Isn't who they are more important than what they do?

GirlButterflySo how do I inspire my children to become everything they can be? How do I do that? It is a fair question. In a moment of complete self honesty, I realised that I can't inspire my children to be something that I am not prepared to be myself. How can I say to them, "Even though I have given up on my dreams and goals, you never should"? That sounds empty and it feels empty.

What are my goals? What have I given up on? While I love raising my three amazing children, it feels like there has to be more, and deep down I know that there is. For me it is a matter of being inspired myself, and living that way.

I re-discovered my goals when I did The Avatar Course.

How many times is the best help we can give to another really an investment in ourselves?

What I discovered about my desire to help my children is that I first have to help myself. Avatar is an investment in myself that benefits the people that I care about most.

The Compassion Exercise is one of thirty exercises from Harry Palmer's book: ReSurfacing®: Techniques for Exploring Consciousness. I have found this exercise to be a great tool for helping children and parents connect and increase understanding with others.

Peter Felice has for the past 20 years worked in the IT consulting industry. He has occupied different roles ranging from Project Management to Business Development. But his most important role is being a father of three children. Peter is an Avatar Master/Wizard from Australia. He can be contacted at +417234 730 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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