Guest post by Sean Melbourne

YouGotMail_smlAt some point, before I did The Avatar® Course, I started receiving the Avatar Journal. The journal would arrive and I always read it with curiosity.

I would look at the pictures and think to myself "these people actually look really happy". Then I would read the articles and think "if this is as good as they say it is, there must be something in it" and "maybe this really could give me the inner peace that I have been searching for."

But then my doubting mind would jump in and say "no, it isn't possible, it can't really be that good, you can't have it." And I would put the Journal aside and go back to my busy life.

The Journals kept coming and I would read each one and feel the possibility that Avatar presented, feel all my doubts and then put it aside again. It was a bit like when your alarm clock goes off and you press the snooze button and then roll over and go back to sleep, over and over again.

Eventually the suffering of knowing I could have what I had always wanted but not going for it became too great and I decided to do The Avatar Course.

...I realized that I no longer had to give up on what I really wanted in my life.

Very early on in the course I realized that the struggle I had gone through every time I read the Avatar Journal was the same struggle I was going through in life. Every time I felt what I really wanted, I would come up against my limitations, give up on what I really wanted and settle for a life that was far from deliberate. I had an intuitive feeling that I was being limited by these things, but I didn't know how to move past them.

YouGotMailOn The Avatar Course I realized that what I was hitting up against were my limiting beliefs: "I can't have what I really want," "Good things only happen to other people," "I am not good enough." But, instead of having to be defined by these beliefs and live by them, on The Avatar Course I learned how to simply and effectively discreate them.

As I discreated my limiting beliefs I began to realize that by identifying with these beliefs I had also been experiencing a limited definition of who I was. As I let go of these ideas I began to experience myself as the unlimited creator of what was happening in my universe. I realized what Harry Palmer meant when he said that, "You are much deeper, much broader, much brighter than any idea you could have of yourself," and "what a fabulous moment, to realize that no word or thought can truly describe you."

The thing that amazed me is that what I experienced on The Avatar Course was only just the beginning. Avatar presents a solid path of awakening that gets more powerful and more expansive at each step. As I did the Master Course, the Professional Course and the Wizard Course I handled personal issues that I never thought would be handled. I also awakened that part of me that wants to care for others and support them in their awakening.

From this space I realized that I no longer had to give up on what I really wanted in my life. I could go for whatever inspired me and use the Avatar tools to create them for myself. I reconnected with my life purpose.


Sean Melbourne is an Avatar Master from Sydney, Australia. He can be contacted at +61 (0) 2 9361 4378 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. He also invites you to visit the Avatar EPC Pacific website.



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