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Guest post by Peter Felice

MoneyBalloon_smlFor fifteen years I had the goal of becoming financially independent. To be honest, while this was my focus, I had very little interest or attention on anything else. Especially not on improving the world.

I had been using affirmations every day for many years. I'd also been using visualization techniques, positive thinking, praying... you name it, I've tried it. I got very close to achieving my goal on two or three occasions, but it seemed like I was chasing shadows. Every time I would get close to my goal it would slip away.

On the most recent occasion my partners and I had built our 10-person company into one of the 100 fastest growing companies in Australia—three years in a row. We had several opportunities to capitalize on this success. MoneyBalloon_artBut just as it seemed something was about to happen, the opportunity would disappear—for some very logical, explainable reason.

I got very close to achieving my goal on two or three occasions... Every time I would get close to my goal it would slip away.

Toward the end of 2005, I was feeling discouraged, stressed and lost. I had half-hearted attempts to create my goal of financial independence by investing in property and the share market, but these things were all really consuming my attention and energy. It was something that I really wanted, I was in the right industry, I had equity in the company, the ducks were all lined up... again. However, the outcome that I wanted seemed to be out of my control. Also, I have a wonderful family that was really missing me being present and available for them.

Somewhere in the middle of all this I did The Avatar® Course.

I could not have predicted what was about to happen, but it would be the most amazing ride of my life. The Avatar Course blew my head off. The shift from operating my life centered around mental calculation to aligned with my inspiration and moving into feel had begun. What a relief!

The relief was so incredible that I could hardly believe it. The course was truly amazing and the thing that I remember the most was the level of care that the Avatar Masters had for the students on the course. There was a level of integrity, honesty and realness about these people that was like nothing that I had ever experienced before. I decided this is what I really want to do with my life. There was no doubt or thought as to how this could happen; I just knew that I wanted to do this work. I wanted to be able to help people, connect them to their inspiration so that they could feel possibility in their lives. I could feel the connection this work could create within family and the possibilities for the whole planet.

Yes, a financially-driven-corporate-calculation-machine was actually able to feel what this work could mean for every person in the world. This could end the suffering, violence, greed and distrust that are happening on the planet. Toward the end of the course, as we were refining our goals, my new goal was to become a full-time Avatar Master contributing to others and to be financially independent! This goal was incredibly inspiring, empowering and gave my life purpose.

RollerCoaster_artFrom that point on the next 12 months were like a white-knuckle roller-coaster ride. I tried to back out of my commitment to my goal, on so many occasions, because it was incredibly scary. I hadn't thought about the consequences of my goal. My whole life was going to have to change and I did not think that I was ready.

...the next 12 months were like a white-knuckle roller-coaster ride.

Again, the Avatar Masters from my course supported me with the tools to stay with my inspiration, so many times I would have taken the easy option but the masters, with their guardian hearts, persevered through all of my attempts to brush them off, hang up on them, disengage and basically run away.

If not for their perseverance I would have definitely given up on my inspiration, as I expect most people do when things get too tough to handle on your own. I set a big goal and in the face of big goals that take you outside of your comfort zone is always some discouragement. Handling discouragement was not one of the subjects offered at school or at university, Fortunately the Avatar tools allow people to have big goals and then really handle their discouragement while being supported by a caring group of incredible, committed people.

My goal was to be a full-time master and, given my current financial situation, the need to support my family and our financial footprint, I felt that the only way that I could be a full-time master within the time frame I wanted was to become financially independent. I had debts of over 1.5 million dollars and needed a huge income just to stand still. With my new level of awareness and purpose it felt like I had a compelling reason to create my goals.

After doing The Avatar Course I went to The Master Course and then The Professional Course and straight on to The Wizard Course. It was a huge stretch but it felt right. I also felt that if I moved down this path it was the best chance of me creating what I wanted to create. Avatar is about creating your own reality. I did not know how or when it would happen but I just had a deep belief that if I followed my heart I would create what I wanted and everything would work out.

People thought that I was crazy and I had lost the plot but it felt so right. There was peacefulness and a level of happiness and joy that I felt whenever I put my attention on my goal and used the Avatar exercises to handle my fears and doubts. Using the Avatar tools I became more and more stable and determined that I would create what I wanted to create.

What happened next was totally amazing. I had been offered a new role with a huge salary—double of what I was already earning. But I did not accept the role, as it was not aligned with what I really wanted to create in my life. This decision ended up having a significant downstream effect. Next we received an offer to buy our company and the due diligence, which would take around six months, would be carried out during the greatest global financial crisis that the world had experienced. I continued to use the Avatar tools during this time and I did a lot of Walks for Atonement. I mean a lot.

The company was sold. As a result of the sale I was able to pay all of my debts, have some money in the bank and immediately begin to deliver Avatar full-time.

•   •   •   •   •

I want my family, my children, everyone I know, and everyone I don't know, to use the tools and discover what they are really capable of. I want them to discover their ability to create what they really want in life, to be inspired and to Live Deliberately.

We have a responsibility to leave the planet in better shape than we received it. This is not a joke or a slogan or an idea. It is actually what we each have to do. The way to do this is to connect people to the incredible Avatar tools and the amazing network of bold, caring, fiercely honest, and incredibly compassionate people that deliver The Avatar Course.


Peter Felice is an Avatar Master from Australia. He can be contacted at +61 (417) 234 730 or
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