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Hundreds of thousands of Success Stories have been sent in from the various Avatar courses over the years. In fact, there is an entire website,, that is dedicated to sharing student successes. The Avatar Journal would like to take this opportunity to share a few with you...


SuccessPix-1Truly Wonderful

The Avatar Course, for me, was the culmination of all that I have been preparing to do for my entire life. All that I studied and learned prior to taking The Avatar Course was brought into focus over these days.

During the course, my teachers and classmates were always there for me, encouraging, coaching, and allowing me to experience more fully the teachings of Avatar. I believe more importantly, however, they helped me to develop the skills to continue this process for my lifetime. What a truly wonderful experience!

K. D., Maine



While on course I received an astute observation and a clear suggestion from a trainer. Working with that information led to the release of a creation that was at the core of my whole life. After 53 years of creating against myself, I was able to expose and clear this creation in only a few moments of work with the Avatar tools. Wow! Thank you and thank you again.

A. B., Florida



I thought that just being constantly off with the fairies was part of my personality. However, after completing this course I now have the ability to stay present, focused, and direct my will with ease. It is amazing. I have spent the past six years learning through numerous courses and reading books, and finally Avatar has allowed me to find what I have been searching for, clarity, and love. Also, to choose the direction of my path instead of hoping the river will float me in the direction I want.

R. D., Australia


Sharing Forgiveness

I just finished the Forgiveness Option mini-course. I am totally in awe and blown away. What an incredible gift to me and, more importantly, to this planet where the victim game seems to be one of our most popular pastimes. The mini-course provided me an opportunity to revisit my old stories of being victim with an entirely new perspective. It allowed me to let go of many things that I have held on to for years. It feels like a whole new understanding about what happened, how to forgive, how to take responsibility, and how to let it all go and move on.

As I did the mini-course, I kept thinking of all the people in my life who are stuck in being a victim. I want to share this course, and I can’t wait to send them a copy or invite them to download it to assist in relief of their suffering and finding new options.

B. L., Michigan



I made a commitment to myself that I would really feel emotionally clear after this course, and what do you know, I am! I feel like a whole new me. I’ve felt so inspired being in the company of these people and will remain connected to them forever. I used to believe soulmates were hard to find. It turns out I was just looking in the wrong places.

D. B., Ireland


The Greatest Moment

I did The Avatar Wizard Course together with my girlfriend, and we were working with and coaching each other a lot. The greatest moment was when we looked in each other’s eyes (at the end of an exercise) and knew that we were more than our bodies, more than our minds, and more than any concept we ever had created about ourselves.

A. S., Austria



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