Excerpt from Seven Pillars of Enlightenment by Harry Palmer



1. Clean out your closet.

2. Put appointments/bills due on a calendar.

3. Forgive someone.

4. Confess a transgression.

5. Break down a big project into smaller steps.

6. Divide a long-term goal into smaller goals.

7. Throw away a broken appliance you were going to fix.

8. Organize your garage/kitchen cabinets/closet/desk drawer/old files.

9. Make a “to do” list.

10. Decide to put something troubling behind you (for help with this, see exercise 6, step 3 of the Basic Attention Management Mini-Course).

Basic Attention Management is one of the Avatar mini-courses found in Seven Pillars of Enlightenment by Harry Palmer. With this course he explores ways in which human attention, the most valuable of all commodities, can be preserved and even restored. The course focuses on experiential exercises that are self-instructive. The entire course can be repeated many times with a deeper unfolding occurring with each run through.

The seven Avatar Mini-Courses are your opportunity to see and feel how empowering the Avatar tools can be. If you would like to explore Basic Attention Management or any of the other six Avatar Mini-Courses contact your local Avater Master or click here to download PDFs. The mini-courses are available in several different languages.