Guest post by Dale Sims

One of the things my mind enjoys the most is finding out the basics of something. How do you do it? What makes it work? What's it like when it does work? My Mom called it the "ABC's" of whatever you were learning. She taught me the ABC's of life, of work and of love. My best memories were her lessons about appreciating what we had and enjoying life! Although she never taught me much about compassion, when I look back I know she felt and used it often. Maybe she just didn't know how to teach me. She had never heard of the Compassion Exercise.

CompCard-1When I began my first Avatar® Course I realized I was learning the ABC's of me. Now, ten years later, I work everyday to refine what I’ve learned so I can effectively use Attention, manage Beliefs and increase Compassion — the ABC's of life. For me these seem to be the foundation of a happy successful life for anyone.

With compassion my heart opens up. Compassion simplifies and softens whatever experiences life brings my way — or I put in my way. The decisions I make through compassion always feel better and have a positive impact on those around me. Compassion has changed my life experiences of the economy, other cultures, marriage, health, loss and even death. I feel more courageous as I make important decisions. I even laugh more!

Since The Compassion Project started I've been involved with thousands of others, passing along the Compassion Exercise card. It moves from my hand, to the hands of strangers, with the purpose of increasing the amount compassion in the world.

It’s not enough to wish things were better in the world, you need to take meaningful action.
—Harry Palmer

Recently, I had noticed I was experiencing a lot of judgment towards banks, businesses and government. I felt tense and angry whenever the subject came up. I also recognized these were the leaders of my world and I hadn't been directing much compassion towards them. So when I was invited to participate in a new project that supports more compassionate leadership in the world, I was excited to contribute. What a great idea!

The project is called Earth’s Compassion Team. Now I have a way to help leaders increase their compassion too. Inspiring the leaders of the world to act with more compassion is a challenging and worth-while goal shared by millions of people around the world. Earth’s Compassion Team not only shares this goal, they have a workable plan and are taking action to improve the world. CompCard-CapBldgEarth’s Compassion Team sends packets of 50 Compassion Cards to world leaders with the intention of influencing them to act with more compassion. This small card is perfect for busy leaders to keep handy, use the 5 effective steps of the Compassion Exercise quickly and make decisions through connection to both their heads and their hearts. Plus they have many cards to share with other leaders. Imagine.

According to Harry Palmer, President of Star’s Edge International, "It’s not enough to wish things were better in the world, you need to take meaningful action. We’ve had great success sharing Compassion Cards from person to person. Now it’s time we take it to the next level and share them with the leaders of the world. That’s why we formed Earth’s Compassion Team."

Mr. Palmer said “In the course of history, there are many examples of small actions that have proven to be pivotal in world events. Our office has received story after story of people applying the Compassion Exercise and, within minutes, experiencing a marked change in perspective. The most common experience is that the Compassion Exercise quickly dissolves anger and stress. We can think of nothing more important right now than encouraging our leaders to act with less stress and anger, and more compassion.”

Harry Palmer has a vision of how compassionate leaders might change the world. I can share that vision more clearly now. I get excited just imagining what that might mean for all of us.

Over 85,000 Compassion Cards have been delivered to top leaders in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland. Plans are underway for projects that will reach leaders in many other countries. If this sounds interesting to you visit This team has given me an action I can take to actually create the better world I would like to live in. I believe we can all share this improved world sooner, with this clear path to compassionate leadership.


Dale is a licensed Avatar Master from Florida. He can be reached at 808-938-9682 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..





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