JudyMcDonald.pngJudy MacDonald is from New Zealand.
She can be contacted at +64 (0) 21 740 323
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How has your life changed since taking The Avatar Course?

I often get asked this question when I am talking to someone who hasn’t yet done The Avatar Course. It is much easier to answer the question, “What hasn’t changed?” because the list would be very short, or no list at all!

Everything has changed since I did Avatar. It feels like life has sped up in a very amazing way. I have moved from life being all about me and what I want to caring about what other people are experiencing and what they want to create in their lives, and empowering them using the Avatar tools to make those changes. It feels like my whole way of being, moment to moment has changed. I felt as if I was locked into a reality of “this is the way it is“ and now I realize I can create any reality I choose to create. I can choose my thoughts and my actions deliberately, no longer feeling at the effect of life.

The biggest change has occurred in my connection to other people, what a gift in this lifetime to have the tools to integrate those things that keep us separate. Thank you Harry.

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