JulieArmitage.pngJulie Armitage is from England.
Contact her at +20 8445 4559 or
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What is the most memorable experience you've had since delivering Avatar?

One of the most memorable moments was on my very first delivery, I had two of my daughters with me - they were my first students! The eldest one Emma had hit a big resistance/creation and I was in worry mode, and my other daughter Rebecca was having a great course and she was up to the universe handle, I went through it with her and left her to do the exercise and when she finished she came over and said, I did it on Emma because I don't think things are going very well for her at the moment. I was so touched, it was a lesson to me to use the tools in the moment.

Another moment was recently when I reviewed the course in Doorn, NL. I was just amazed at how wonderful all my coaches were on source list, totally with me and making it so much fun!

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