N-HearnNaomi Hearn is from Australia.
She can be reached at +61 (0) 419 665 335
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What is your response when someone asks you, "How do I know if Avatar is right for me?"

Avatar is right for you if you have the courage to look in your own universe and take responsibility for what you are creating. If so, the gift of the Avatar tools, the connection to an incredible network, and the opportunity to contribute to something worthwhile in the world are all yours. Avatar is experiential so I encourage people to come to an Avatar introduction and experience using the tools. Anyone who has the courage to explore their own consciousness and really let themselves feel the power of the Avatar tools quickly discovers that Avatar is right for them.


How do you use Avatar to handle stress, either physical or mental, in your life?

I use the Avatar tools to stay grounded and in feel in the present moment. The only time I feel stressed either physically or mentally is when I am resisting feeling something. Usually it relates to something I have done or intend to do that is out of alignment with what I intuitively know to be right. I have reached a point where it is so obvious when this is happening. I can feel it in my body. Using the Avatar tools to fully feel and own my creations is such a relief. I use the Avatar tools to be right here, right now and then all I have to do is decide what to create next... that's the exciting part. And when you put your attention on creating something worthwhile in the world and align with that, then stress and drama don't get a look in.


What is the first step for someone who is interested in Avatar?

The first step for someone who is interested in Avatar is to trust what they are feeling and take some action toward finding out more. Look at the website (TheAvatarCourse.com), talk to an Avatar Master, watch one of Harry's talks, come to an introduction, register for the course... Just do something to connect to the work. It is such a precious moment when someone first discovers and becomes interested in Avatar. My wish is that everyone takes the time to let themselves find out more and experience what a gift these tools are and the incredible contribution people who are using them are making in the world.


How has Avatar helped you improve your relationships?

Avatar has given me the gift of being present to actually connect with the people I am in relationship with. I was forever somewhere else, other than with the people I was with. I was always worrying about what other people were thinking and actually making it up when I think about it now. I spent most of my time calcuutf8g how to keep everything going so it was easy for me. I got what I wanted, and I looked good. I went to The Avatar Course because I wanted something different for my children.

Avatar woke me up and fanned the part of me that has always wanted to create change in the world. At The Avatar Course I learned how to take responsibility for my own space. Then at The Avatar Masters Course there was the gift of creating real interest, care and compassion for others. I'll never forget returning home after Masters and feeling the connection with my children and husband. I walked around the house with tears of gratitude rolling down my face. I am amazed now to find I am in a relationship with people from all over world who are working together to create peace on the planet. I am in the most beautiful and real relationships.

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