Guest post by Linda Waters

BirdDawn_art-smlIn an herb garden in the tiny Heartland town of Decatur, Illinois, a small plaque hangs over the dried post-season tomato bushes. It reads, "Peace is the bird that sings before the dawn." This seems fitting as winter slowly gives way to spring, with the waning cold, and having already passed through the shortest, darkest day of the year. It is our choice to either moan the post-election blues or to be the bird that sings before the dawn. After all, the sun is always rising somewhere in the world.

Commiserating, avoiding or stewing over current conditions is counterproductive. Resistance elicits resistance. There is nothing noble about experiencing misery on behalf of our convictions.

The drama of recent news is an invitation to place our attention on appreciation and hope, rather than fear, resistance, discouragement or anger. We don't have to agree with recent news or condone irrational behavior. By neutralizing our own reaction, we gain greater power and strength to be more effective catalysts for change.

When we encourage, uplift and inspire one another to renew our vision for a better world, we gain energy and momentum. Where do we want to put our attention? We decide. What we decide to focus on in each moment is creating the blueprint for our future.

All the recent commotion... for what?

For change. For a change for the better. For the vision of a future global existence that is founded on peace, sanity, collaboration, sustainability and wondrous possibilities. For steps that bring us closer to our goal. Wisdom invites us to develop a fresh perspective for positive change.

With The Avatar Course, all over the world, people are learning to neutralize negativity to create a better world, starting with themselves. One by one growing numbers of people are examining their personal political, social, and religious opinions to assess and change those that may be detrimental to the creation of lasting peace. spite of all the apparent dichotomies and opposing beliefs, people are more the same at the core than they are different on the surface.


Without resisting what we are experiencing, we can tap into that all-knowing heart which allows us to feel the underlying truth that, in spite of all the apparent dichotomies and opposing beliefs, people are more the same at the core than they are different on the surface.

Imagine entering a room with 850 people from 32 countries speaking 12 languages gathered with the intention of undoing judgments that separate us as human beings. This room is filled with harmonious and compassionate beings with the determination, fortitude, and vision to do whatever it takes to transform their inner world on behalf of our global family. This is a typical Avatar course room.

More compassion, more kindness. More kindness, more understanding. More understanding, more willingness to find a middle ground, to come together, to neutralize conflict, and plant seeds for a better tomorrow.

Use any madness we see reflected in the outer world as fodder to come to terms with how we live our own lives. The key is to gain greater understanding and compassion, which has a beneficial impact on yourself, your family, friends and the whole of life.

During times like these, I find the Compassion Exercise is essiential for neutralizing negativity, opening my heart and catalyzing world change. The Compassion Exercise is one of many exercises that make up a life-training course called Avatar. It was developed by Harry Palmer to assist people in overcoming some of the most fundamental causes of human conflict and to learn to live life more deliberately. Since its inception in 1987, The Avatar Course has spread to 71 countries and been translated into 20 languages.

Similar to Buddhist Metta meditation, the Compassion Exercise feels deep, direct and powerful. Doing it from the heart creates a field of appreciation and compassion that can be a light that affects our lives and the world in a very personal way.

People from all walks of life use this exercise to spread loving kindness and compassion, neutralizing negative effects of global conflict.

Using the Compassion Exercise, school children are discovering friends where they once had enemies, inmates are experiencing reconciliation, therapy clients are transforming wounded relationships, congregations are forgiving and attaining peace of mind, mediators are negotiating amicable resolutions, and radio stations are broadcasting peace across the airwaves.

You can use it for a neighbor, friend, or relative who voted contrary to your beliefs. Use it with your favorite bad guy politician or public figure. Use it with someone you have refused to forgive.

Notice how much better you feel and how much more energy you have once you have genuinely completed the practice. Notice that the world looks brighter. Notice a softened and kind heart that feels more tolerance for ignorant choices, more accepting of oneself and in a better position to choose the right action in the moment. Notice that this beautiful blessing heals ill feelings and offers you peace, strengthening your heart and soul.

You may also notice that you can hear the song bird singing before dawn. Besides, singing before the dawn feels so much better than cursing yesterday's sunset, or pulling up the sheets to hide from the day.

Today is a new day to practice peace.


Linda Waters is an Avatar Master from Utah. She can be reached at 435-668-7197 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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