Guest post by Nicola Karesh

Field_Hockey_art_sml Picture a wide, open field. A beautiful expanse of clear space in front of you. You step into the area and you experience such joy and tremendous freedom. You can do whatever you want, move as you like, and be however you want. You feel liberated, unrestrained, boundless, limitless.

You let out a cry of delight and run wild to your heart's content. Pleasure to create and be as you decide. Your heart is open. It sings! Sweet song bursts forth and spills over, for you cannot contain a spirit that is naturally free and is ready to soar.

I love feeling free! Thankfully, I have experienced this essence many times, but two areas really stand out in my life.

Field hockey has been one of my loves since I was eleven. That ball, stick and I were inseparable. I let go of everything when I stepped out on to the field. I immersed myself completely into the game. Nothing else mattered.

I loved running up and down, laughing, screaming, playing and the incredible bond with my team. We adored the magic and vibrancy pulsing through our bodies and souls. There was a comfort and a sweetness from not being alone. Having friends to cheer on and to cheer with. A shared goal.

Field_hockey_artThis year, after twenty nine years, I felt a strong desire to play again. Everyday, I played in my head. I played in my dreams! Then, I found a high school girl's team to play with. I am almost three times their age, but when we play, we share the same spirit. My children play in the sand pit, while I run around like another child for two hours. Happy and free! Lungs bursting, legs protesting, but the joy is incredible. I play on!

Avatar®, my other avenue to freedom, has reminded me of living without limits. Stepping into pure, open space and creating what I want.

I have done all of the courses and the tools are simple, effective and so useful in everyday life. I have practised and practised. The tools are such an integral part of my every day experience, that I barely have to think about them. It's like breathing. They are just part of the inhale and exhale. The practice has led to deepening trust in the Avatar materials and increased self-confidence. Whatever comes up in life, I have something within me that I can draw upon. That allows for a more expanded life experience and greater flexibility.

Life is enjoyable again. I feel a sense of playfulness and freedom no matter what. Avatar is a consistent nudge to lighten up, loosen up and live more freely each and every day.


Avatar, my other avenue to freedom, has reminded me of living without limits. Stepping into pure, open space and creating what I want.


Some days, I do not stop the ball well. Some times, I do not get the ball past the other team's defenders. Sometimes, I miss the goal completely. But, it is a game. I have fun. I encourage my team-mates. I even appreciate good plays from the other side.

In some areas of my life, especially money, I do not always create with consistent grace and ease. I do stay open to the lessons, the gifts and the blessings with a grateful heart. I persist and I play on.

My intention, my primary, is to play with a joyful heart and to enjoy complete freedom and prosperity in my life with a grateful and appreciative heart.

When you are ready to embrace freedom, it is ready for you. Maybe it won't be on the hockey field. Maybe we will meet on the next Avatar course.

Harry Palmer writes in 'Living Deliberately,' that "many have forgotten that they are the most sovereign, omniscient creators of their own lives." Taste the freedom that knowing this with every fiber of your being offers. Harry says, "Truth is what you create it to be."

Here you are. An open field before you. Avatar tools in hand. A team of aligned Avatar Masters as your allies on your journey forward. The freedom is yours to choose what comes next. "Truth is what you create it to be."

I invite you to experience Avatar for yourself. Feel the purity, the beauty when Harry describes, "I looked from my eyes, but I saw from a heart beyond the edges of space." Feel the expansiveness, the vastness of who you really are. Experience the delightful freedom of who you are at the core. When you are ready, Avatar is waiting.


Nicola Karesh is a licensed Avatar® Master from North Carolina. Contact her at (828)884-4565 or (828)421-8615.

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