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Guest post by Jim Becker

Bike_art_smlThe combination of spring and Central Florida often results in tantalizingly beautiful days. Just stepping outside and inhaling the morning can create a  powerful yearning for the taste of salt-air , the sound of waves gently massaging the shore, and the soft crunch of sand under bare feet. Being smack-dab in the middle of the state is ideal, because a short drive east or west will end in just such an experience. But today I had decided to go bicycle riding instead.

A crystal clear, blue sky spotted with the occasional, obligatory wispy white cloud sets the backdrop for my ride. I pull my old two-wheeler out of the garage and diligently pump up both tires until the specified pressure is reached. I fill a small sports bottle with cold water and place it in the special bracket affixed to the bike frame, just so the bottle can ride along with me. I think it enjoys getting out of the garage. Wearing an appropriate brand name tee-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes I jump on the bike and start to peddle down my driveway. Immediately, I fall over. This is a little embarrassing. I try again and lose my balance only a fraction of a second later this time. While trying not to look like I'm looking around, I look around to see if any neighbors have noticed my antics.

What's my problem? Let's see...when I was five I attended a weekend seminar on bicycle riding where the speaker told some wonderful and inspiring stories about his experiences riding a bike. I also watched the other kids ride their bikes. My brother told me all about his technique for riding. You know, I don't recall actually getting on a bicycle myself, but, I thought once you studied about riding a bike you never forgot!



Do you know that feeling of being completely excited, totally thrilled with the possibilities before you? That feeling of, "Yeah, this stuff is great!" Most of us have been right in the middle of this feeling just about the time the speaker has thanked us for coming and is walking off the stage.

It's a great feeling. A feeling of being in control of your life, ready to take on challenges and change those things we don't like about ourselves. Often there is a sense of clarity of direction, of knowing what you want and how to get it. "I'm on top of the world, Ma!"

The problem with this feeling is that it doesn't last. Sure you might still be feeling it a day or so later, but sure enough it will be fading by the week's end. Maybe some pertinent remnants linger on and you can refer back to them for a while. Maybe some of the changes you made during the initial enthusiasm stuck and you're happier for it, but you find that you've lost that clarity of knowing how to get what you desire. Your path is not quite as clear as it used to be.

Do you know that feeling of being completely excited, totally thrilled with the possibilities before you?

This pitfall is one that The Avatar Course has inherently avoided. The ability of the Avatar tools to continue to work for a student, without any reduction in effectiveness, is one thing Avatar graduates comment on time and time again. In fact, many students note a deepening of insights with time.

This strength of the Avatar materials can be summed up in one word-experiential. This means that when students take The Avatar Course they do not sit passively in an auditorium listening to a speaker's narrative of what he did and how he changed his life. That's just a nice story, a word lesson, about someone else. Instead, an Avatar student actively participates in a number of exercises, either solo, with a partner, or as part of a group. These exercises allow students to experience their own insights and realizations, to learn for themselves. These are world lessons.

Harry so clearly illustrates the difference between word lessons and world lessons when he says, "If you've been studying about the taste of apples, go eat an apple."

There is a difference between the intellectual understanding of riding a bike and the experience of riding a bike. Instead of studying about life through others' word lessons, go out and experience life in all its wonder, with a set of tools that have lasting results.


Jim Becker has been a Star's Edge International employee since 1994.

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