B_LeeBill Lee is from Michigan.
He can be reached at 313-342-1350
or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
His website is www.avataruniverse.info

Why should people take The Avatar Course?

You should take The Avatar Course because it is about making your whole life richer, more integrated, and allowing you to evolve in every way quickly. Avatar helps you address your most heartfelt goals and dreams (life purpose). Using the tools will assist you in clearing the way through your own conflicting or self-sabotaging ways.

Avatar is a course that supports your evolution and growth in compassionate ways that you will see and feel in your personal life. You will be amazed at what is possible and the results are consistently beyond expectations.

Avatar is about understanding, caring, and compassion that extends to all. It goes about this by helping each of us to discover how our beliefs determine the blueprints of our lives. It is practical and experiential rather than just intellectual. You will gain an inner knowingness of how consciousness works that will take you beyond any familiar understanding you now have.

That new "knowing" can and does propel us to greater compassion and understanding of others. From this understanding we can launch new possibilities together as we learn to co-create our lives. We naturally want to reach out and help others. A phrase commonly heard in Avatar circles is: "Wouldn't you want everyone to know what you now know?" The answer is always an excited and profound "YES! I want them to have the level of integration, self awareness and peace that Avatar easily empowers us to have."


What is one of the most interesting or memorable experiences you have had while delivering The Avatar Course?

There have been so many memorable experiences over the years of delivering Avatar. It is always awesome to see students "get their lives" and awaken to new possibilities.

Recently, I worked with a student on course who kept getting big gains, yet there was something still holding her back. She would blossom and lighten up then you could almost feel her hold herself down and almost scrunch up in her body and being. She would get amazing insights and she was becoming brighter, more alive, and more present, yet there was still something...

As we talked about what was happening, she shared that she had always been a person who lived her life for others. She had lived to please her family of origin. She felt that she could never do what she really wanted, but always had to do for others. She was even fearful of paying attention to her needs let alone her heart's desires. She did not have a sense of connecting to her higher self only to obligation and duty. It was not surprising that she was doing the same thing in her marriage, current family, relationships, and in her work.

As she took this pattern through the exercises of The Avatar Course, she kept getting good insights, yet she had not fully handled this creation. She realized on one of the rundowns of Section III, that she had dreams and that she wanted to be able to live them, but was afraid to do so. As we talked about what she could deliberately choose to create that would be most assistive to her, she decided, with great trepidation, that she would create, "I have the courage to live my dreams." She said that creating that belief was the scariest thing she had ever done. As she gathered her courage to listen to her higher self and actually honor who she was, she was like a flower opening to the sun. She owned her power and dreams. She committed to having the courage to live her dreams. Her body, energy, and world totally expanded to a brightness that was awesome. In those moments she changed her life forever. Thank you Harry.

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