Guest post by Fiona Campbell

Piano_art_smlWhat do you do in New York on a snowy day? My partner and I were visiting from afar, and had bought a guidebook to give us some clues. After the chapter on Remarkable Sights and Attractions, there was one called 'The “Other” New York'. In here was a section headed Factory Tours.

Factory tours! A highlight of childhood. The sights and smells of the soap factory, the end of tour treat at the ice cream factory. Now here, on a morning we were in town, was an opportunity to visit a famous piano manufacturer. The guidebook mentioned a machine that bangs each key 10000 times to ensure it is right, that was sufficient to inspire us to travel three hours on the subway to experience the process for ourselves.

Our guide Bob met us in the board room and  gave us a brief history of the factory and its founding family. The guiding principle has always been to produce quality, reducing cost and increasing speed are immaterial when they don't add to the quality of the pianos. He told us the general feeling in the factory was “We make pianos, other people make piano-shaped objects.”

This reminded me of the absolute confidence Avatar® Masters have in the course we deliver “The most powerful, purest self-development programme available, at any price.”Piano_big

Bob showed us through the rooms and floors of the factory. We saw the timber being layered, shaped and glued, we saw how the thin layer of veneer was exquisitely detailed and polished, and had tears in our eyes at the beauty of the nails being angled just right for the bridges holding the strings. It takes five years to master this craft, the work is intuitive, done in feel.

Pianos are made of timber, metal, wool and animal glue – always the same materials. Yet in this factory, no two pianos are alike, they are crafted to make the most of the particular features  of their wood.

It's exactly the same with the Avatar Course. The materials presented, both the readings and the exercises, are always the same, done in the same sequence. Yet each person experiences it differently, and is supported to work at their own pace. Uniqueness is cherished. The purpose of the course is to help you recognise that you are in charge of your life. As Harry says, “Self realization is knowing that you are, and operating as, the sovereign lord and creator of your universe.”

Bob's excitement grew as he told us of the real work in the factory. The tuners, making the sound, referring to each piano as if it were human “She's a real lady, smooth as silk” and “that old man, I struggled with him today, but I'll get the better of him tomorrow.”

Most of the world's top classical pianists choose their instruments from the range available here. There is a special sounding room for them to try out different models and see which one is right for them. The room has about a dozen pianos and slanting walls, which can be configured to match the type of venue they play in, from concert hall to jazz bar.

Before you choose Avatar, you are welcome to our version of the sounding room. Wherever you are in the world, there is someone available to introduce you to the materials that guide you into an understanding of yourself, and equip you with the tools to make the most of the uniqueness that is you. Contact one of the Masters you see here, or ask Star's Edge to recommend someone. Just as the piano factory is devoted to manufacturing the best pianos available, so the people in the Avatar network are committed to supporting your success.


Fiona Campbell is an Avatar Master from Australia. She can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +61408 319 244.

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