Guest post by Susan Farmer

OpeningHearts_smlSomething happened one day that would change the course of my life forever. My husband and I were flying to Colorado to attend my niece's wedding. I like to talk to people when I fly and as it turned out, a woman named Elleva Joy was sitting on my left. Some people, you know within minutes, are willing to speak at a different level than casual conversation. Elleva Joy was one of them.

I remember asking her why she was going to Denver. She told me that she was going to an Avatar® workshop. After more questions on my part, she answered that Avatar is a set of tools to help you live your life deliberately, and not on autopilot. You discover the relationship between your beliefs and life experiences, and change what is not working for you. Hmmm, sounds interesting, I thought. She asked if I'd like to do an exercise from the course and I said sure. She asked, "Is there anything that your attention is stuck on right now?" I picked a topic and after about five minutes of her coaching me through the exercise, I realized something important about how I've been placing my attention, and the consequences. And that I can decide. Hmmm, very interesting.

Later, back in Minnesota, we re-connected. After more conversations, I knew there was something very important happening here. I decided to take The Avatar Course and discovered that I wasn't the roles I'd taken on in life, and the path to happiness was freely being able to choose and decide. Not running other people's ideas for my life. I was over the moon happy. I re-connected with ME! My heart was full of love for humanity, and being kind and compassionate was never so joyful. I was free to be me! My cup started over flowing. I wanted to help others create this in their lives.

As I completed the coursework with Avatar, conversations with my parents became a little strained. I was asserting a new freedom that didn't include the Catholic Church. Dad loves the Catholic Church. He has chosen to root his life with God in prayer and the Catholic Church. Mom was a convert. Her family started as Methodists, and later became part of the Friends Church. So, Mom had more experience with other religions. OpenHeartsHow could I be the happiest person in the world with what I'd found, and the saddest person because Dad thought I'd fallen off the deep end?

I decided to use the Avatar tools, and instead of looking "out there" for the answer, I start looking in me. I realized that I had created some not very helpful beliefs about God and the Catholic Church. I blamed the Catholic Church for all of the guilt, shame, and "not being ever good enough to please God" that I felt. I really did a number on God and the Catholic Church. God was trying to control me with rules, and the Catholic Church as the fiscal agent! The saving grace was taking ownership of these beliefs I'd created about God and the Catholic Church.

Whew! No wonder I was struggling about connecting with God through the Catholic Church!

Now the grace! Dad said, "Go talk to the priest about Avatar." And Mom said, "Why can't you have them both (Avatar and church)?" I decided that I'd better talk to Fr. Terry soon... Dad is 92! I met with Fr. Terry within the week. I told him that I was no longer interested in judging any more. He laughed and said, "We've had a lot of experience with this, haven't we?" From that point forward, we talked about awareness, gratitude and appreciation. I shared the viewpoints of Avatar with Fr. Terry. He told me he heard nothing that wouldn't be welcome in the Catholic Church. He also told me, "Don't let anything, including the Catholic Church, get in your way of connecting with God."

Since then, I've been able to integrate two very important things in my life. I feel like I've hit the motherload! I know that this is God's call for me... opening hearts wherever they are... in whatever condition. I am an active member of Parish Community of St. Joseph, serving on parish council, religious formation, and training for lay ministry in breaking open the word. I am a practicing Avatar Master, ready to support people. With the tools, I've learned to inspire them to take personal responsibility for their lives and live life as Source beings.

Thank you Mom and Dad for this beautiful gift you have given me! I've never loved you more. Thank you for giving me the great advice to help me get real and open my heart to God forever.


Susan Farmer is an Avatar Master from Minnesota. She can be reached at 763-544-9965 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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