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Guest post by Nicola Karesh

Feather_art_sml What if today were the day that people everywhere woke up to the beauty of themselves, each other and the world? Imagine walking down the street and anywhere you looked, love was reflected back at you. Imagine each interaction that you witnessed being the epitome of respect. People practicing kindness and thoughtfulness as a rule, reveling in the good feelings this brings.

What if today were the day that you realized that every person on our beautiful planet was your friend and ally? Including yourself? Imagine having warm feelings towards others, wanting only the very best for each precious soul. Seeing the highest of possibilities and the sweetest of dreams for them and for you. Celebrating when the loftiest goals were attained. Sharing glorious imaginings, visions and the inevitable realities created.

Feather_artWhat if today were the day that you knew yourself to be incredibly blessed, treasured and well? Imagine every divine cell in your body functioning naturally, perfectly as they are meant to. Imagine holding yourself in the highest esteem... loving your physical body that allows you to be here in fine form... loving your connection to the Divine, All-That-Is, Source energy.

What if today were the day that you let go of all struggle and resistance and felt yourself like a feather, lightly and gently cradled in the arms of a loving creator? What if you were that incredible creator, with your heart open wide with such generosity and love to embrace everything and everyone? Feel every receptive channel within yourself open in perfect acceptance and joyful abandon.

Today is that day. It is right now and right here before you to embrace and let it in. Today is the perfect day for your what if's and imaginings to become your reality.

Today all across the world, I can feel hearts joining as one. Love flowing freely, growing stronger and expanding outwards. There is a peace that settles over us all and we breathe easy with much appreciation and thanks. A soft in and out flow that ripples gently across the world, touching all of creation with its sweetness and adoration. Today, bask in the glow of the magic and wonder that you bring to life.


Nicola Karesh is an Avatar® Master, originally from Jamaica, now living with her husband and two children in the Western North Carolina mountains. You can contact her directly by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone: (828)884-4565.

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