Guest post by Nicola Karesh

What does it take to create an enlightened planetary civilization?

A creative and courageous soul daring to dream a dream, putting his vision forth and inspiring a few thousand committed and dedicated souls.

To share a dream when we are together in physical space and to have that dream strengthen and grow when we are spread out across the world in our respective homes, is an awesome shared reality.

To feel the presence of my fellow Masters and the whole Avatar network pulsing and moving in the world is like being in feel and connecting to my own heartbeat. It starts as a steady pulse echoing and reverberating through time and space and becoming a strong throb that is the backdrop of our lives.

My sangha. My family. My heart. My life.

I picture a world where our children and our grand-children can play freely, for safety is a given. Our hearts guide us always to do the right and honorable thing. Practicing virtues is a sweet and generous gift that we give to others, ourselves and to our precious planet.

The lion lays down with the lamb and there is a feeling that all is well with the world. Everything is indeed alright!

Love flows freely and there are no secondaries in the way. There is a reverence for life.

Beliefs are created deliberately for the sheer pleasure of experiencing the beauty of life. We respect our differences and celebrate the common threads that join our collective hearts.

What a privilege and an honor to be alive right here, right now in this time and space reality.

We have given birth to our very existence and we can experience each and every sweet moment with appreciation and gratitude.

Contributing to an enlightened planetary civilization is a noble and lofty goal that fires my heart and is the life and breath of Avatar. I invite you to come share our dream. Experience how real and rich life can truly be. Start with The Avatar Course and allow your world to open right up before your eyes.

Nicola Karesh is an Avatar Master from North Carolina. She can be reached at 828-884-4565 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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