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Guest post by John Toomey

Father_Son_art_smlBeing a parent is one of life's great challenges and a wonderful opportunity to grow and learn. Being the parent of a 20 year-old young man I have experienced many moments of indecision, wondering if I am pushing too hard or not enough.

When he was 15, I did The Avatar® Course and for the first time learned about how consciousness actually works. I realized two things. First, I had to allow him to have his own life. Second, if I wanted to inspire him to lead a great life, I had to concentrate my efforts on making my life better, more meaningful and much more worth modeling. I decided that the Avatar path would give me the tools and the support to stretch my own boundaries and handle the limitations that seemed to be keeping me from creating the life I wanted. As I stretched, my son, Cheyne, went about his life.

Not long after I started my journey I was so very excited about the Avatar tools that I wanted him to have them. I tried hard to get him to do the course, but unfortunately, he resisted. I again realized that this source being would explore Avatar when he was ready.

Late in 2008, over 3 years after I first did my course, an incident occurred that opened the door for Avatar in his life. Cheyne had a car accident. He telephoned me immediately and was very stressed and upset by the event. Having handled much of my reactivity in my Avatar training, I was able to hold a stable, non-reactive space for him to regain his composure, get his car handled and get himself home.

It was a traumatic event for him. Not only the accident itself, but the other driver's attitude. While we discussed the incident, my son realized that he gets very uncomfortable when people get agitated. I asked him if he would like to handle that. He said that he would, so I told him that The Avatar Course would give him the tools when he was ready.

A while later he was ready and we flew to Florida together to do the course. I was pretty grateful that I had something like this to share with him. When we arrived, I gave him space to explore his course and only worked with him on a few occasions. The other Avatar Masters took amazing care of him.



Being the parent of a 20 year-old young man I have experienced many moments of indecision, wondering if I am pushing too hard or not enough.


When we arrived home, his girlfriend Molly was amazed at the shift she could see in him. She wanted to do the course. A few weeks later she attended the next Avatar course and decided that she wanted to do The Avatar Master Course. She was prepared to stretch financially to make it happen. It was very inspiring to watch this young floristry apprentice take a leap of faith. At that point Cheyne was not in such a hurry to do Masters, but then another event gave him some awareness of how much of an impact his ego was having on his life. So he decided to go to.

Together they did Masters then went back again to do The Avatar Professional Course. They were becoming regular world travelers.

Following the Professional Course, I stayed in the U.S. to deliver on the next International Avatar Course. When Cheyne arrived home he connected with his close mate Steve, who was taken aback by the change he could feel in his friend. He wanted to know more and went for another preview – he had done one before. It was Sunday in Australia and the International Course had started in Orlando, Florida. After working with a local Avatar Master for a couple of hours he decided that he had to do the course NOW. With no money and no passport, he had a few challenges to overcome to get to Orlando.

But the hard work was already behind him because he had made the decision. At 5:00pm the next day he boarded a plane in Melbourne, Australia, for Orlando Florida. In less than 24 hours he had sorted his life, raised the money and got a new passport. I met Steve in Orlando and he did the course.

Meanwhile, back home, Steve's girlfriend Vonnie was getting very excited. She wanted to find out about what Steve was doing. After learning more about Avatar and attending an intro, she was on a plane to Auckland for her Avatar course. I met her there on my way back from the U.S. and watched this amazing young lady peel back the layers of her consciousness and become an Avatar.

A few weeks later, Steve and Vonnie headed to Orlando to do the Masters Course. When they arrived back, they met with Cheyne and Molly to set a pact to room together at The Avatar Wizard Course. The creating began. Be the end of January, all four of them were Wizards.

Now there are four more young people in Melbourne who are choosing to take full responsibility for their lives. These young people taught me an amazing lesson, one that I needed to learn again. When you truly decide, magic happens.

I looked back and shook my head at what had happened over those amazing six months and I realized something. Harry has said it many times and so have the trainers. Perhaps I had not heard it right. But, put simply, as Mahatma Ghandi so eloquently advised, I had to be the change I wanted to experience in the world. I learned that if I want the people I love to do this work, I have to set an example, take a stretch, open up a space and believe that they will take the step.

For me, this is the Magic of Avatar.


John Toomey is an Avatar Master from Australia. He can be reached at +61 (0) 3 9005 7553, +61 (0) 415 844 919 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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