Guest post by Linda Waters


BigDeal.pngMuch of my life I have scurried around making a big deal out of getting this or that thing done, doing it right, trying to fix, improve or criticize, look good, complete the myriad of to dos on my never ending daily to do list. It’s exhausting to think about it. When I wasn't busy scurrying, I was avoiding or escaping, ration­alizing, justifying, working really hard to fix a problem or feeling guilty for not doing enough, or entitled to take a break.

Sometimes when I really pushed hard and actually accomplished something I could be proud of, I’d stand back and gloat for a nano second or two, gather a little approval from others, then back to the grind.

The strange thing was that I had myself fooled into thinking I had no other choice. After all, these were the things that I had to do as a “responsible” adult. I thought I was a happy person, functional and successful. True joy and happiness were elusive. I asked myself, “Is this all there is to look forward to?”

Not an optimum existence, but very familiar, the Rat Race.

After taking The Avatar Course I stepped back and looked around at this existence. With new awareness I could see the bigger picture and feel the impact of the choices we have made. I had a glimpse of what we are headed toward if we don’t make some significant changes. It was both sobering and exciting. We had simply lacked the skills, wisdom and tools to turn things around. I had a renewed sense of compassion and understanding. Now I had a training that I could share with others that can really do some good.

For some, there’s no looking around at the big picture at all. It’s all they can do to keep their day-to-day overwhelm at bay. Others look around and say, “It’s all perfect, just the way it’s meant to be.” And some look around and see only insurmountable problems of epic proportions and become immobilized.

No wonder apathy, helplessness, depression and escapism flourish in today’s society. It’s easier to sit back and hang out in our miserable status quo and wait for some one else, God, governmental, spiritual or environmental leadership to cause some miraculous change in the direction we’re headed on planet E.

Then there are those who dive in, roll up there sleeves and work hard at making a difference in some specialized area, through taking up causes, campaigning, fund raising, feeding the homeless or trying to cure disease in third world countries.

Struggling really hard to help a cause may provide temporary relief and may make us feel better about ourselves. In the long haul are we just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic?

I realized that Avatar was about taking responsibility to a new level, one that was rewarding and didn’t perpetuate struggle to keep the ship afloat. The phrases, “You can’t solve the problem from the same level of mind which created it,” and “You’ll always get what you always got if you keep doing what you’ve always done,” rang true for me. Now I could offer a training that would give humanity and Planet E new hope, a better direction and an exciting future for our kids, and theirs.

This is a BIG DEAL! Why? Because we can’t afford the luxury of self-indulging in apathy, depression, confusion, denial of responsibility, struggle and escapism any longer. These are uncomfortable, but easy routes out of the existence game.

Do we think we are going to get out of it that easily? Who knows what price we pay when we succumb to temptations of doing what we have always done? Will we come back around to try again? Give up on life? Will there be a planet E to come back to? Are we going to wave adios and leave it up to our offspring to clean up the disaster we left behind? Sometimes it’s just too painful to consider the consequences. So we numb ourselves or check out, or work our fingers to the bone on the level of damage control.

Today’s really Big Deal is to crawl out from under the covers and make a personal commitment to Life, to do whatever it takes to contribute to awakening, to shifting consciousness, NOW!

This morning I woke up with a renewed sense of commitment to “I do whatever it takes to contribute to a shift in consciousness.” Compelled to jot down a few thoughts about this, I booted up my laptop. Just as I started writing this article the phone rang and I heard the voice of a stranger on the other end of the phone, “WAKE UP!”

It was a wrong number, the kind of wrong number that was right for the moment. At first I was annoyed to be taken off my task, and then laughed aloud at the way life works to emphasize when we are on the right track…or alert us when we have strayed from our soul’s purpose.

How would your day be different if everything and everyone was aligned to co-create joy, peace, care, kindness and cooperation toward the betterment of Earth life? How would your day be different?

Which direction will we turn as a human family? We each have a choice to make. We each have a part to play, or not...

Making it a big deal to ask these questions and others through a series of collective Thoughtstorm* sessions: sign up for an Avatar Course, put our money where it matters, choose to develop our unique gifts, be in service, align our lives and create an income stream toward a greater goal.

Choose to believe it can be done. It’s a big deal. Make it a big deal to fulfill (y)our human potential!

What would it take for you, for us, to do it today?

Linda has been an Avatar Master/Wizard since 1993. She invites you to make a difference and join a world-wide movement by taking the next Avatar Course. 435-574-2800 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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*Thoughtstorm: a group process of exploring and creating greater possibilities than a single mind alone can achieve. A Thoughstorm session is experienced in Section II materials of The Avatar course. A Thoughtstorm manual and instructions can be purchased at





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