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Cata Low is from Texas.
She can be reached at 512-296-3836
or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


How would you describe Avatar® to someone who is not familiar with it?
Truthfully, after 20 years of being an Avatar Master, I still don't know what to say. Words are just too one-dimensional. You know, if you were on the space shuttle, looking at the earth from that perspective, how would you describe it to someone who has never been off the earth? All you could do would be to make a sound. Like... Ohhhhh, or Aaaaaah, or WOW! or, Oh My God! Or maybe, beyond sound, you could just look into their eyes, with the great awe and wonder and appreciation of how amazing it all is. And they would feel it too.

What is an interesting or memorable experience you've had since delivering Avatar?
One thing that immediately comes to mind is looking into my mother's eyes when she took The Avatar Course. She was 76. I remember just looking into her eyes, and seeing her sparkling essence. Beyond the mother-story, beyond the history, just this beautiful soul looking back at me, and feeling the smiling words come out of me, "Ohhh, I finally got to meet you."

What has Avatar helped you to accomplish that you couldn't do before?
Avatar has given me the tools to become more compassionate. I see that compassion is a deep practice that requires immense awareness, courage and self-honesty. Avatar has shown me how to diminish automatic reactivity and develop equanimity and compassion.

Did you do any personal-development work before Avatar?
When I did The Avatar Course, I had been searching for years and years! It was fun, and such an exciting journey to be exploring during those times. I think my first introduction to "belief precedes reality" was reading Seth Speaks which was so revolutionary then. My joke about my journey is that I was an Avatar Master "pre Oprah and Chopra." Things have really changed lately.

At one point, I worked at one of the largest alternative bookstores in the country. I read everything! Mystic Christianity, Teilhard de Chardin, Zen Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Autobiography of a Yogi, Ecknath Eswaren, Thich Nhat Hahn, A Course in Miracles, Ouspensky, Gurdjieff, books on healing by color, light, sound — you name it. And I studied. I joined groups and schools where I read, did rituals, talked, danced, discoursed, extrapolated, meditated, chanted, visualized, storyboarded, journaled and felt my emotions. However, with the exception of moments during meditation, I did not leave my mind.

The great answers were not in the books I had read. Nor were they in the ideas I loved to talk about. But I could feel that the great mystics were all pointing to a gate. I knew I had to do more than talk and read about the gate to open it.

Also, just before I took Avatar, I was working as the director of support groups for a non-profit organization called The Center for Attitudinal Healing. We had support groups for terminally ill children and adults, and their significant others. It was the most joyous work to be in such deep authenticity of relationship with these people who were facing the great unknown and letting go. They taught me so much. In relationship with these people, I felt somehow, closer to the gate.

But I wondered. What about the living? Do we have to be so asleep and routine-driven unless we are facing something catastrophic before we tune-in to the Great Awakening?

So when I did The Avatar Course, I came in with the idea that this would be fun, but "I" was already somewhat familiar with the terrain! HAH! On the third day of the course, I remember saying to myself, "Dorothy, you are not in Kansas anymore!" All my books and spiritual knowing could not chart the territory. I had to feel my way past my collection of beautiful concepts.

And one sparkling winter evening in late February 1991, I found myself on my knees in awe, crying with my eyes wide open, whispering, "Where have I been? Where have I been?" I was so fully alive and charged with a force of awareness that transformed my world forever. The Avatar tools swung the gate open, and nothing has been the same.

How did your life change after Avatar?
Simply put, after a lifetime of looking, I found myself and I'm now walking my true path.


P_Felice_QApicPeter Felice is from Australia.
He can be reached at +61 417 234 730
or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


How have you used Avatar to improve a situation in your life?
For fifteen years I had the goal of becoming financially independent. To be honest, while this was my focus, I had very little interest or attention on anything else — especially not on improving the world. I had been using affirmations every day for many years. I'd also been using visualization techniques, positive thinking, praying. You name it, I've tried it. I got very close to achieving my goal on two or three occasions, but it seemed like I was chasing shadows. Every time I would get close to my goal it would slip away.

Avatar allowed me to sort out what was really going on in my mind, which gave me enough free attention to create a Type Four* belief that I would achieve my goal. I also was supported by the tools and my Avatar Master when I got discouraged and it felt like things were not happening. The incredible thing about Type Four believing is that the manifestation happens outside of our mental calculations which is really annoying to my mind but the end result was that I accomplished my goal of creating financial independence for me and my family.

Did you do any personal-development work before Avatar?
I read a lot of books, did a lot of positive thinking type courses, used affirmations I even did float tanking but nothing really seemed to change the fundamentals. It was like being unhappy with the suburb I was living in and to get short term relief I would renovate my house.

But with Avatar things changed tremendously! I have discovered the secret of really being in service to others. I think that the tools are like a fitness program for your mental well being. Just like a physical fitness program needs to be maintained if you want to stay healthy, so does using the Avatar tools deliberately in you life to maintain your mental and spiritual health.

How would you describe Avatar to someone who is not familiar with it?
I would say what is that Avatar is a set of tools that connects you to your inspiration, sorts out the mental spaghetti and allows you to have a quiet mind, from which you can really create your hopes and dreams!

What is an interesting or memorable experience you've had since delivering Avatar?
I got a real understanding that underneath all of the drama of our individual lives we are all very similar. We want to be happy and we want to leave behind a better world for our children. The realization that I had was that the single biggest thing that holds people back is the belief that they can't make a difference. When we see this as just a belief and with the Avatar tools we can change that belief to "I can and will make a difference" the world will change!

* Type Four belief systems contain intentionally created beliefs. Type Four belief systems establish the rules and playing fields for the other types. Type Four belief systems are usually temporary and changeable. For more about the Orders of Beliefs Systems watch Harry Palmer's Make Up Your Mind.



Joann Cebulski is from Georgia.
She can be reached at 404-668-6224
or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


How have you used Avatar to improve a situation in your life?
I was always adventurous. I enjoyed explorering when I was young. Somewhere along the way, I lost that. Avatar helped me find that part of myself again with love, joy and fun. I feel more free than ever!

Did you do any personal-development work before Avatar?
No. I had a sense of something bigger, but never had worked in that arena. With The Avatar Course it was so easy to connect with the part of me that knew it was time to move forward and this was what I needed.

How did your life change after Avatar?
One word, and it’s worth repeating, joy, joy, joy!

How would you describe Avatar to someone who is not familiar with it?
It’s a walk through the blueprint you are running in your life. Often we look at the structure of everything, except ourselves. Avatar gives us a guide and then WE get to decide and define the road map, anyway we prefer.

What is an interesting or memorable experience you've had since delivering Avatar?
I never cease to be amazed at how "small" processes can brighten my world immediately. I love that right away, I can turn what seems like a trauma into an interesting experience and start enjoying life and my experiences again — right away. Super cool! It feels like when I was a kid out there exploring the world.






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