Guest post by Joanne Pineau

Path_art_smlFour years ago I discovered Avatar at the back of a book I was reading about the Chakras. Avatar was listed as one of the many personal development courses one could take to bring your life into balance. For the previous three months I'd been looking for an intensive, something really profound, around beliefs. And here it was "Avatar...a belief management course..."

I spent a lot of time as a teenager reading self-help books. I don't remember why I felt I needed help, other than I was looking for some guidance and the answer must be in a book.

I was 15, when I bought my first yoga book and taught myself how to do the postures. When I turned 18, I took my first yoga class with a teacher in Montreal. When I was 19, I learned Transcendental Meditation and at 20, I read a book by Wayne Dyer that, for the first time, gave me some tips on how to manage my life. This was way back in 1977. At that time I was also taking the Dale Carnegie Course and reading How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Then there was a period in my life when I didn't do much reading. I was busy raising a family. I loved raising my children. Despite feeling unsettled inside, I felt blessed and useful for awhile.

At 38 I dusted off my old yoga books and soon after became a Certified Yoga Teacher. The training re-ignited my spiritual journey and I started reading again. I read books like The Power of Now, and The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success. I was beginning to get it: after searching out there for inner peace, I needed to look inside. But how do I do that? How do I become more comfortable with myself?

The search led me to discover Avatar in 2006. Three days after speaking to an Avatar Master in Florida, I flew down there to take the nine day course.

My first impression of the course room was absolute awe. It felt like a yoga class. There was a quiet and peaceful feeling in the room. Everyone was seated in a chair, some were in suits, some in jeans. There were round tables with white tablecloths. Not what I usually find in a yoga class! How can this be?

Following another's path leads to who they are, not to who you are. That Avatar understands this, is one of its strengths.

Path_art-HORZThe Master I'd spoken to on the phone greeted me. She could feel me and I felt taken care of and appreciated. I didn't know what to expect but I started to relax.

I couldn't concentrate at first. Someone was reading at the front of the room but I wasn't paying any attention. I looked around. Who are these people? There must be 500 people here; people from all over the world. The tables had little labels on them: Korea, Brazil, Netherlands...

When we got up to do our first "walking around exercise" I was so relieved; I didn't want to be reading all day. As the day went on it became an exploration. Who am I? Where am I going? Why am I here? To my delight the exercises were all experiential and it was all about me. I loved it.

I came home feeling more compassion for my husband and things began to change in my direction. I couldn't wait for the next course and I was very excited about the rest of The Avatar Path. I'd had an awakening that was far beyond my expectations and I couldn't look back.


Joanne Pineau is an Avatar Master from Canada. She can be contacted at 519-284-4072 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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